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Bot Colony (2010-2012)
CALO - Cognitive Agent that Learns and Organizes (Funded by DARPA, 2009-2010)

SEMAINE - Sustained Emotionally coloured Machine-human Interaction using Nonverbal Expression (European Project, 2008-2009)
Twente site: SEMAINE-Twente

Interactive Collaborative Information System (Funded by Dutch Government, 2004-2008)
Twente site: ICIS-CHIM

Multimodal Dialog Management (Funded by Swiss NSF, 2003-2004)
Website: IM2-MDM

Inspire Smart Home (European Project, 2002-2004)
Demo: Phillips Home Lab demo

STING - Evaluation of Scientific & Technological Innovation and Progress in Europe through Pattents (European project, 2002)