Free to Play decks

Trump has a series called Free to Play, where he starts with a fresh account and tries to get to Legend without spending any money on his decks. He's allowed to use gold winnings to buy packs and craft cards, so the deck naturally becomes better as time progresses.

  • What does "Free" mean?
    • While given enough time almost any deck could be considered "free," Trump considers these free decks because he hasn't paid for any packs and he didn't grind for packs/dust/gold in arena.
  • Are these decks always up-to-date?
    • No. For decks in an in-progress Free to Play series, the state of the deck is in flux. Any changes Trump makes are made to be better against certain decks he feels weak against - per example, adding in Acidic Swamp Oozes to be better against weapon-based decks.
    • For decks in finished series, keep in mind that there might have been patch or meta-game changes that they haven't accounted for.

30th of July, 2014: Trump declared BANKRUPTCY! Because time was running out (the SEA server Trump played this on was going to reset the ranks very soon) and because the 'metagame' was very good against this kind of deck, Trump decided that it would not make it to Legend. He switched over to Zoolock with a new, Naxxramas theme instead, which can be found below.
Trump started his free-to-play Rogue deck on the 22nd of July, 2014, the same day that the Hearthstone expansion "Curse of Naxxramas" was released. As such, this deck is the first to feature the cards from this expansion.

This deck is designed as a "value Rogue" deck, which means that it tries to use cards which are very cost-effective. It's a fairly low-mana-curve deck so it can definitely out-tempo the opponent.

Because of the timing of this free-to-play series, the metagame was in a state of flux during the time this was being played. This means the deck might be trying to deal with things that seem strange looking back at it.




Trump brought this deck to Legendary with a spectacular ending after 184 wins, exactly the same as his Shaman deck took to get there!

This is very close to the "final form" of this deck. Trump considers it tournament-worthy and would not add Epics or Legendaries to it, unless he wants to change the style of this deck.

Other changes to this deck can be made but Trump considers them more flavour-changes than anything.

This is Trump's free to play Warlock deck. It's a Zoo-type, which means there will be a lot of minions, many of which buff each other, and relatively few spells. The only sure-fire spells to be in this deck are Soulfire and Mortal Coil.

Trump chose a Zoo-style Warlock over, per example, a "Handlock" style of deck because he wanted to play more aggressively after two control-heavy free-to-play decks, and because it's a very, very strong deck for a very low Arcane Dust cost.

Trump has stated near-categorically that this deck's 'final form' wouldn't have Epics or Legendaries, and that he wouldn't even use them. He wanted to use this deck more to control the board than to rush the opponent down, so inclusions like Leeroy Jenkins don't make much sense to him. He did however cave in eventually and put in two Blood Knights, because of the sheer amount of Zoo decks he himself ran into.

For frequently asked questions about this deck, go to:


This is Trump's Free Shaman deck. Trump made it to Legend rank after 184 wins!

Trump has stated that, even if he had every card in the game on this account, the only one he would definitely include would be Bloodmage Thalnos.

You can watch Trump play this deck here on YouTube, but please note not all the videos have been uploaded yet.

Trump talks about this deck on Value Town #22 (click here to skip straight to the discussion on the deck)


This is Trump's Free Mage deck, which was also the first of the Free to Play series.

Trump made it to Legendary after 7 days, 197 wins, and about 55 hours of game time.

Most of this deck's core was earned on Trump's first day of playing this deck. It moved back and forth to try and be better against aggro decks and control decks, substituting in cards like Arcane Missiles to accomplish certain goals. It's likely that if he played this deck again, he would add or remove a card or two to account for changes to the 'metagame'.

You can watch Trump play this deck on here on YouTube, starting from playing the Tutorial all the way to the final win to get to Legend rank.

Trump talks about this deck on Value Town #19 (click here to skip straight to the discussion on the deck)

This is the Free Mage's "final form", which is how Trump would make the deck if he did have access to all the cards in the game. Unfortunately, this deck is out-of-date, as Trump has said that he would not run Nat Pagle in this deck anymore. His replacement would probably be a second Acolyte of Pain, as it was in his original deck.

Notable changes include:

Removing both Boulderfist Ogres
Removing one Chillwind Yeti

Adding Cairne Bloodhoof
Adding Sylvanas Windrunner
Adding Ragnaros the Firelord