Trump's decks

Please note: This website is defunct, and has been replaced by:

While Trump is most well-known for playing in the Arena, he also plays constructed. This site hosts a collection of decks he uses or has used in the past.

Trump also has advice for Arena players, in the form of his Arena Tier lists

    Standard Bloodlust (Shaman)
    May Legend Zoo (Warlock)
    Malygod (Rogue)
    Hunters Are Gone! (Paladin)
    Retro Giants (Paladin)
    Plunder Yo Face (Warrior)
    KitKatz Breaks (Warrior)
    Divine Zoo (Warlock)
    Handlock (Warlock)
    Watcha' Teaching? (Druid)
    Gaara Dream (Druid)

    Yarr? (Rogue)
    Are Hunters gone yet? (Shaman)
    Mosh Pit (Warlock)

WARNING: This page contains spoilers on all the tournaments Trump has participated in.
    Old Competitive decks

Basic decks
    Basic Mage