Trumbull Indian Ledge Radio Control Club

rumbull Indian Ledge RC Club came into existence some 35 or so years ago, through the efforts of a few people who were in love with the hobby of building and flying model 
airplanes.  I am not sure if it went exactly as I am about to portray it, but the story is that they went to the “town fathers” of Trumbull and asked if they could make a small airfield at Indian Ledge Park to fly RC airplanes.  After some discussion, they were granted permission as long as they did not remove any trees or otherwise deface the beauty of the Park.  They were thrilled and an agreement was quickly put together!  These few people dug out and moved stones, raked in fill, rolled it smooth as best they could and soon after – a small runway  was honed in the base of what would be considered a useless gorge.  Needless to say it was beautiful to our eyes, and it became our home away from home.