TransChristians know that... 
          God makes genders; Surgeons and hormones don’t

True TransChristians

Gender identity is written on every cell in the human body and is unchangeable.

It took me years to know gender is absolute. I struggled all throughout my school years, all the way to high school graduation, with feeling like I was a female trapped inside a male body. I knew I was not homosexual. I dated and even had a steady girlfriend in high school. 

When I was young, 5 years old or so, my grandmother secretly dressed me in female clothing. My father became very upset at her when he found out. My uncle teased me and fondled me when he found out. My mother who was very young herself dished out heavy doses of discipline when I was young and I did not feel loved by her.

Gender confusion drives people to try to change from their birth gender, like I did. My confusion was not due to homosexuality or some demon within me. And transgenders do not form in the womb. 

The onset of gender confusion and transsexualism starts some time during childhood and it can be treated through psychotherapy, without trying to change genders.

The psychologists and surgeons who approve and perform the genital transformation do not tell the transgender patient it is impossible scientifically, medically or surgically to change someone’s gender sex.

I lived 8 years as Laura Jensen until I discovered the surgery and hormones could not change my gender. Having the gender surgeries did not help psychological or psychiatric disorders that needed treatment.

The restoration process started by confessing to Christ the surgery and/or cross dressing was wrong, asking for forgiveness and then embracing Christ. Then I was prepared to start the long difficult process of restoring my life and birth gender identity.

Some Christians believe God makes genders and others believe surgeons make genders. True TransChristians are those who put their faith in Jesus, not surgeons.

If you believe that a surgeon can, in fact, change someone’s gender through surgery, then perhaps you have embraced the world view. 

If, on the other hand, you understand it is impossible to surgically change someone’s gender, then you probably understand the awesome power of Christ to restore the broken life of a transgender, just like he did for me.