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Matrix forums

Matrix Fans 2007 - I am the administrator of the board. I go by the hacker alias th3_p4th ;p We are always looking for new members, so don't hesitate to join us!

Matrix-Explained - I am a moderator over there, known as th3 p4th. However, I am no longer posting or moderating and I hardly ever visit this place. Although it used to be one of the best Matrix forums, it is now crowded with spam bots and trolls. Recently I decided to create my own Matrix forum to continue Matrix-Explained's legacy. Thus Matrix Fans 2007 was born and the top members of Matrix-Explained moved with me to the new place. This fresh start enabled us once again to share our ideas and passion about the Matrix Saga without being interrupted by annoying spammers. Old topics have been revisited and new ones are being created everyday. Join us now!


The Last Free City

The Matrix Online's Official Community Site


Wikipedia entry for the Matrix Series

Dictionary of Matrix (Matrix-Explained's wiki)

Essays / Theories

RGB theory by th3 p4th (that's me!)

The Matrix Universe - Part I by 4elements (aka tozy) and vanexel711

Other Sites

max314's Matrix Fan Site at RT

Matrix Resolutions - Surprised's theories about the Matrix

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