Chapter S: The Marcos Family of the Lakan Dula Bloodline

A Scion of the Marcos Family Entrusted a Family Secret at the Dulay Ancestral House in Marikina Valley

        After several schedule changes, one Sunday of September, 2011, Jesus Romualdez Marcos , together with his pregnant wife and two children paid a visit to the reigning leader of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley in their clan ancestral home. They did the traditional “Dine with Lakan Dula Ritual” which is having a merienda of native chocolate, rambutan and  Tajada biscuits from Bohol served in a 16th century plate from the Lakan Dula household which was passed on to Batang Dula, David Dula y Goiti, Petre Dulay, Ceferino Dulay and now to the household of the reigning leader of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley. This ritual is only done if the visitor of the ancestral house has the bloodline of Lakan Dula. Mayors, congressmen, vice mayors, barangay captains, CEOs, priests, movie personalities has visited the ancestral house but none of them has been treated with the ritual.  Then  VP Gloria Macapagal Arroyo would probably be subjected to the same ritual if her planned visit had pushed through. The Office of the Vice President staff Yoko Ramos called the reigning Dulay Clan leader informing him that the then VPGMA would pay a visit. The clan leader said that they will support her and weeks later, EDSA Dos broke out and VPGMA was installed president. As the newly  installed president, all of a sudden, she forget her plan to visit to the ancestral clan house and the clan felt slighted.  Looking  back, maybe it was meant to be that the “Dine with Lakan Dula Ritual" will never  happen with somebody who will later be cursed and in fact at present is charged with six counts of plunder cases, with separate charges to the First Gentleman and to their son Mikey. This is now known as the “Sumpa ni Lakan Dula”. It took another descendant of Lakan Dula from the Sumulong Lineage, President Noynoy Aquino, under the guidance of another Lakan Dula descendant Senator Jovito Salonga of the Liberal Party,  to  witness and usher the fruition of the curse.

The Marcos Family Secret

      In front of his wife and two children, Jesus Romualdez Marcos, confided to the historical titular head of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley that the Marcos Family descended from Lakan Dula through the Gustilio bloodline of Dona Josefa Edralin Marcos.  That the reason why late President Ferdinand Marcos was fascinated with Maharlika legend  is this awareness that he is carrying a bloodline of Lakan Dula. That the reason why the soldiers of Galman – Aquino Double Murder case is up to now do not own up to the murder after a quarter of a century in jail is that they did not really kill Ninoy nor Galman. Marcos consider Ninoy as his relative in the Lakan Dula bloodline and in fact at one time told him that he wants Ninoy to succeed him. That there is a secret infant baby boy of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos that was only known to Governor Orlando Dulay, a relative of Dona Josefa Edralin Marcos. In a special military operation, Col. Orlando Dulay of the elite force of the Armed Forces of the Philippines was to shanghai the baby and hid him in the care of  his relatives. This is to assure the continuity of the Marcos branch of the Lakan Dula bloodline. That President Ramon Magsaysay is carrying a Lakan Dula bloodline and that is the reason why he stood as the Godfather of the Imelda –Ferdinand Marcos wedding because Magsaysay wants to make sure that the  Lakan Dula bloodline is intact after  knowing that the Romualdez lineage is part of the Sumoroy Revolt  together with David Dula y Goiti, a grandson of Lakan Dula. It was a royal practice that a bloodline is hidden in a company of closely knit family members, in the midst of danger or prosecution, to precisely secure the bloodline. This is the reason why the Sumoroy, Romualdez and Dulay of the Pacific Towns of Northern Samar are blood related. This is the same royal logic why Daba, the grand daughter of Lakan Dula was hidden in the care of their relatives, the Gatbonton and Capulong Families of the present  day Candaba .  President Magsaysay, in his effort to arrange the marriage of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos, wants to secure the bloodline of Lakan Dula from both Waray and Ilocano branches. There are other secrets that can not be revealed in this article, like the claimed the Lakan Dula descendants of the ancestral domain for the Philippine Islands known before as Hacienda Filipina, the land title of the claim, the Marcos wealth, the move to put Lakan Dula descendants in the board of Marcos crony corporations, etc. These secrets will just unfold itself through time.

The Lakan Dula Bloodline According to the Marcos Family

      History from the United Kingdom would say that the surname Dulay , (like DuPont of France) is part of the French Aristocracy that intermarry with the British aristocracy and ended up as the Lord of Manor of the Oxfordshire. Dulay has the trait of extreme loyalty, sex appeal  and charm that it is from this family that the alliance building through marriage is pursued by the British Royalty into other emerging royal families. A Dulay family member was sent to India, to the Jatt people, to intermarry with a member of the Royal Family. The Dulay surname became Duleh.  The intense rivalry of Spain and Britain for world power lead the kingdom to look into the Kingdom  of Manila and a family member of the Dulay family of Britain was sent to the native aristocracy to intermarry. The Dulay became Dula, because the Alibata, the ancient Filipino alphabet spells Dulay as Dula. The father of Princess Urduja is a Dulay/Dula. The reason why the Dulay of the Northern Philippines is darker and shorter than the Dulay of the South is that after the first Dulay from Samar returned to the Tondo homeland as a shipping crew and married a pretty girl from what is now known as Samara, in honor of the Samar homeland of the first Dulay in Aringay, the intermarriage into the natives became a practice in the north. In the homeland Samar, the Dulays are marrying foreign blooded partners - sephardi jews, Spaniards, Chinese, and Americans. But occasionally, there are Dulay offspring from the North who are tall and fair skinned, because the gene of David Dula y Goiti appears sporadically in some descendants. The Lakan Dula bloodline represents the perfect fusion of the Muslim Royal families, the British and France Royal families, the Jewish blood and the native Filipinos. And to think that the Royal Family of France is said to be a descendant of Jesus Christ through Mary Magdalene as shown in the Vinci’s Code and protected by the Knights of the Templar, then by logic,  the Lakan Dula bloodline has the bloodline of God, which explains the fact that the descendants of Lakan Dula today are very conservative, yet, prosperous, influential and well love.The version of Jesus Romualdez Marcos tallies with another important source:

On the Lakanate, Sultanate and Rajahnate    

The Ancestors of David Dulay (David Dula y Goiti)
  1. Batang Dula: Father of David Dula y Goiti; Son of Lakan Dula and Mutya;Brother of Magat Salamat, Felipe Salonga, Dionisio Capulong.
  2. Lakan Dula (1503 - 1589): David's grandfather; Husband of Mutya; Son of Rajah Sulaiman I and Ysmeria; Father of Batang Dula, Magat Salamat, Felipe Salonga, Dionisio Capulong.
  3. Mutya: David's grandmother; Wife of Lakan Dula; Mother of Batang Dula, Felipe Salonga, Magat Salamat, Dionisio Capulong.
  4. Rajah Sulaiman I: David's great grandfather; Son of Rajah Lontok and Dayang Kalangitan; Husband of Ysmeria; Father of Lakan Dula and Rajah Sulaiman II,; Brother of Dayang Panginoan, Dayang Lahat and Gat Kahiya.
  5. Ysmeria: David's great grandmother; Wife of Rajah Sulaiman I; Mother of Lakan Dula and Rajah Sulaiman II.
  6. Rajah Lontok: David's second great grandfather; Son of Sultan Bolkiah and Lela Mechanai; Husband of Dayang Kalangitan; Father of Dayang Panginoan, Dayang Lahat, Rajah Sulaiman I and Gat Kahiya; Brother of Rajah Gatpandan
  7. Dayang Kalangitan: David's second great grandmother; Wife of Rajah Lontok;Mother of Dayang Panginoan, Dayang Lahat, Rajah Sulaiman I and Gat Kahiya
  8. Sultan Bolkiah: David's third great grandfather; Son of Sultan Sulaiman; Husband of Lela Mechanai; Father of Rajah Lontok and Rajah Gatpandan.
  9. Lela Mechanai: David's third great grandmother; Daughter of Sultan Amir Ul-Ombra; Wife of Sultan Bolkiah; Mother of Rajah Lontok and Rajah Gatpandan
  10. Rajah Gambang: David's third great grandfather; Father of Dayang Kalangitan
  11. Sultan Sulaiman: David's fourth great grandfather; Father of Sultan Bolkiah
  12. Sultan Amir Ul-Ombra: David's fourth great grandfather; Father of Lela Mechanai
  13. Rajah Alon: David's fifth great grandfather; Son of Lakan Timamanukum
  14. Lakan Timamanukum: David's 6th great grandfather; Father of Rajah Alon.
        Based on the above genealogy and succession of leadership, the pre - Hispanic line of native royalty started with Lakan Timamanukum. William Henry Scott, a well known British scholar on pre -hispanic Philippine history define Lakan as the title given to the "paramount ruler". A paramount ruler is the equivalent of King. Lakan Timamanukum therefore ruled the Philippine archipelago and other neighboring territories, using his sons and relatives as the sultans, rajahs and datus. The collapse of this highly centralized Lakanate of the Timamanukum Dynasty was shown by the fact that no succeeding leader carried the title of Lakan again ever. This suggests that although these royal leaders has blood relations and close monarchical ties, no one from among them  is strong enough to be throned as Lakan,  after the death of Lakan Timamanukum. A footnote in the pre - hispanic Philippine history talks of a long series of secret meetings among the Royals of the Timamanukum Dynasty. It is known in the history books as the "Subwatan ng mga Maharlika", with the participation of British, France, Jatt and other foreign Royals. It resulted into the consolidation of the Timamanukum Kingdom or Lakanate through the installation of a Lakan, who was the eldest son and crown prince of Rajah Sulaiman I of the Kingdom of Manila, by the name of Dula. Dula has the backing of the British, French and Jatt Royalties because he has the bloodline of these royalties on the British Dulay lineage of his mother side who descended from the Lord of Manor, in Oxfordshire. The alibata, the ancient Filipino alphabet spells Dulay as Dula, hence the Dula name was given by Rajah Sulaiman I of the Kingdom of Manila to the baby who will become the future crown prince. Dula, by the agreement among the royals of the Timamanukum Lakanate, was therefore called henceforth as Lakan Dula or "paramount ruler" Dula, the first ever attempt to consolidate the Timamanukum Lakanate or ,(Kingdom, in the western terminology) long years after the death of Lakan Timamanukum. One of the missions of the "Subwatan ng mga Maharlika", aside from the territorial consolidation of the Lakanate, is to drive away the Spaniards.

On the Claim of the Macapagals to the Bloodline of Lakan Dula of Tondo

       A descendant of Lakan Dula, through the Gatbonton lineage by the name of  J.J.A. Macam wrote the following on May 31,2011:" I was so enlightened by your message posted. Gloria Macapagal has been aiming at our Gatbonton Clan to be able to gain axis to the family of the Lakan Dula. My name is jun macam, grandson of Feliza Gatbonton Corrales daughter of Simeona Gatbonton pobably one the Grand children from the clan of Pampalung Gatbonton and Gatbalete. Pamapalung is the son of Gatbonton I and Macayabong Dili, Gatbonton I, the daughter of Dayang Lahat sister of Lakan Dula married to Mutya and bore four children namely:
1. Batang Dula maried to a spanish woman surnamed de Goiti with children: David Dulay of Candawid, Samar and Dawa of Candaba, Pampanga.
2. Dula jr? Destination un known
3. Dionisio Capulong
4. Filipe Salonga
5. Magat Salamat
until the Rahjanate was crushed....."

       He posted again on May 31st, 2011:  "the macapagal are royal servants of my clan..not relatives . when the gatbontons escaped from tondo to candaba ..they went also with their masters...that is why there are a lot of macapagals leaving side by side with the gatbontons in candaba. Gloria a macapagal is from lubao, his Lolo was responsible for the expanding the Candola folklore whom Diosadao exploited to fullfill his political ambitions via Lakan Dula account. Gloria macapagal first claimed that they were part of the lakan dula family by using the historical account of my ancestor Pampalung Gatbonton who is in "his youth was known as macapagal". the reason why Pampalung Gatbonton used the macapagal as an alyas is that obviously he shield himself from the spanish authorities in fear of being exterminated. after a carry on order to crush all the Royal Families of Tondo. the Gatbontons from Tondo sailed to pampanga via pasig river and settled in Candaba and Apalit. the phrase 'in his youth" determines that he was only using the name Macapagal for a limited time.
conclusion: the Macapagals claim as a member of the Lakan Dula clan thru The Gabonton is nothing but a hoax."

     According to the scion of the Marcos lineage of Lakan Dula bloodline, despite of the damaging account from the Gatbonton family, the Macapagals should still be considered adopted lineage to Lakan Dula bloodline since they are showing extreme love to Lakan Dula heritage and  following the dictum that the real test of relationship is in the feeling , not in the name. However , he suggested that the Macapagal should pay homage to the head of the Gatbonton Clan who hates them for cheating Fernando Poe, Jr. and to the leader of the Capulong Clan who do not consider the Macapagal of Lubao as their relatives. Also, the Macapagal should remove in their family history the "traitor entries" like siding with the Spaniards  against the native rebellions, the shooting of Macapagal of Andres Bonifacio and the assistance of a Macapagal in the capture of Emilio Aguinaldo. These acts are not heroic and something that Lakan Dula himself will not approve. The Macapagal should also stop their efforts to dilute or spin the Lakan Dula history into the "Lacandola of Lubao Tall Tales". And finally, they should face squarely the six counts of plunder charges, and another count for Mike Arroyo,  and the tax evasion charges for Mikey Arroyo. When all of these are complied several generations from now, then they may be afforded the "Dine with Lakan Dula Ritual" in the ancestral house, something which was stopped by the Divine Providence when the first opportunity came. Then , the "Sumpa ni Lakan Dula" on the Macapagal Arroyo Family might end.

 The True Struggle in the Philippines, according to the Scion of the Marcos Family


      Jesus Romualdez Marcos is a country manager of a foreign - based company, a business man with so many projects lined up.The circumstances of his birth and upbringing is mysterious, maybe a part of the secret of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos that only Col. Orlando Dulay and a trusted relative knows. This led Jesus to research heavily on his ancestry, pre - hispanic Filipinos, Lakan Dula, Marcos, Maharlika, etc., making him one of the authorities in this area. He sees that the problem of the Philippines is the intervention or bad policies of other countries against us, like the “beggar your neighbor policy” of some countries on us. One of these policies is to pit the Lakan Dula bloodline against each other, because if the Lakan Dula bloodline unites, then, our nation will be great again. Same theme of divide and rule had been recurring: Marcos - Gustilio  vs Sumulong - Aquino, Sumulong - Aquino versus Macapagal Arroyo, Fernando Poe (Gatbonton Lineage) versus Macapagal - Arroyo, Guingona versus Macapagal, Salonga versus Ramos - Gustilio, etc…bloodline of native nobility are being pitted against each other. Solution: let us unite the Lakan Dula bloodline. Promote the Lakan Dula consciousness like “Sumpa ni Lakan Dula”, respect for history and ancestors through the "Dine with Lakan Dula Ritual" for  instance, “Reign of the first born son”, " arrange marriages, marriages with partners with foreign blood, etc…this may be slow but this is the surest way…to fulfill  the dying wish of Lakan Dula to make this nation great and its people prosperous.
Jesus Romualdez Marcos in his recent post said:
"The Lakan Dula Bloodline is the PAMANA of GOD through HIS son Jesus and was pasted on to Mary Magdalene as a cup of God that hold the bloodline that originated the world Kings,Queens, Generals,Presidents and religious leaders of the world for one great conquest which is to let GOOD triumph over EVIL! Dulay Bloodline carries within it the Holy Grail of GOD and the responsibility to do and fight for what is right and hate what is wrong!"

The Descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo are united, their unassuming secretive patriarch does not rule, he reigns privately

"My deepest gratitude to Hrh Prince Omar Kiram and His Majesty Sultan Fuad A. Kiram I of the Royal Hashemite Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah for this conferment as one of the Datu(k) of the Royal Dominion."

Message of Hrh Prince Omar Kiram:

"The Hon. Datuk Sir Delmar Topinio Taclibon, KRSS, we wish you and your family and all our beloved members a blessed and prosperous joyful new year. Let us continue our resolve, commitment, dedication, true faith and allegiance to our beloved anointed Sultan Fuad A. Kiram I, to realize our advocacy of Sabah and Spratlys against Malaysia's land grabbing for the benefits of the Tausugs and the Filipinos. God Defend the Right!"

Toti Dulay : "congrats insan Delmar Topinio Taclibon and mabuhay ang Magat Salamat lineage ni Lakan Dula ng Tondo..."

Delmar Topinio Taclibon : "Thank you too Modern Day Grand Patriarch of the Lakan Dula Clan Sir Toti Dulay!"

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Roderick Alain Alvarez : 9th cousin's husband's 9th great uncle's wife's 6th great aunt's husband's 16th great grandson  

we're that related, insan Toti, pero hindi pa tapos ang Lakan Dula genealogy: please add as many relatives coz, as head of the Royal

 House, you know them better :)

Toti Dulay: today at 2:36 AM

Thank you insan Roderick, in the Geni. Com genealogy, we saw na lumabas na yung name nung Juan Reyes Macapagal..ang

 main concern  na lang natin is paano na connect si Diosdado Macapagal kay Juan Macapagal?

Suijul Tasorre 

: Dear Sir Toti, I am very happy to know that you were able to protect the continuity of the Dula lineage....... how I wish na makilala ko kayo....... I'm a fan royalties specially ancient filipino royalty.... the missing link of our history as a nation.......

Sam Jezrel Moran
Sam Jezrel Moran kamahalan.. pinag mamalaki ko po na akoy pilipino.. kau po pala ang prinsipe ng tondo si Prince. Sofronio Cerbito Dulay I.
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