Chapter W: The Dulay Mendoza Clan of Marikina Valley

The History of the Dulay Clan
Lakan Dula was born on December 16, 1503 A.D and died on March 21, 1589 A.D. He was the last King of Manila before the kingdom was totally subjugated by the Spaniards and his descendants were forced to do self exile to escape the bloody hispanic persecution by settling in far flung areas within the sea and river routes. It was in Lakan Dula's era when Britain and Spain are rivals for world power. Britain's way is to gain the trust of native royalties all over the world by diplomacy or intermarriages and then group these royalties into federation under its leadership. Spain's way is through conquest and subjugation. Lakan Dula's tall and fair appearance came from his great grand father who has British blood, a Lord of Manor from Oxfordshire. The birth of Lakan Dula is the early attempt of the British crown to gain the trust of the native Manila aristocracy. It is one of the ways to slowly defeat Spain as the world power of that time. A not so popular footnote in the Philippine history is the early attempt of the British Royalty to drive out the Spaniards from Manila and  reinstall the British – blooded Lakan Dula lineage  into the old Manila Kingdom. The British Royalty assigned a distant relative of Lakan Dula, Thomas Cavendish from the British Royalty along Oxfordshire, to lead the attack with the backing of the subjects of the Lakan Dula of the Manila aristocracy. This is now recorded in the Philippine history as the “Ang Subwatan ng mga Maharlika”.
In 1586, three years before the death of Lakan Dula of Manila, Queen Elizabeth I of England, sent support to the Protestant causes in the Netherlands and France, and Sir Francis Drake launched attacks against Spanish merchants in the Caribbean and the Pacific, along with a particularly aggressive attack on the port of Cadiz. In 1588, hoping to put a stop to Elizabeth’s intervention, Philip sent the Spanish Armada to attack England. Favourable weather, more heavily-armed and manœuverable English ships, and the fact that the English had been warned by their spies in the Netherlands and were ready for the attack resulted in defeat for the Armada.
After the death of Lakan Dula in 1589, an intense drive to erase once and for all the British - blooded Manila native aristocracy from their Intramuros homeland  was launched by the Spanish authorities after realizing that the Lakan Dula descendants have, afterall,  British lineage and therefore, these descendants might side with the British forces, in case of a full blown Spanish - British war. The Spaniards were eventually proven  right because the British eventually invaded and occupied Manila from Spain, from 1762- 1764, far two centuries after the death of Lakan Dula. In the short - lived  British occupation of Manila, the British introduced the elections as a way of teaching the concept of democracy at the same time, to ease out local leaders loyal to the Spaniards. The first ever election in the Philippines was held in Marikina Valley, a stronghold of Lakan Dula descendants who moved  out from the Intramuros homeland via river routes and where the British are more at home and have a strong link, according to the former executive director of the National Historical Institute. Marikina Valley then was part of the Province of Manila, the Manila proper is the City of the Province of  Manila, or simply, City of Manila.
 But as early as 1587, a year before the Spanish Armada will be defeated by the British,  Magat Salamat, one of the children of Lakan Dula, and Augustin de Legazpi, Lakan Dula's nephew, and the chieftains of modern Tondo, Pandacan, Marikina, Candaba, Navotas and Bulacan were executed for secretly conspiring to revolt against the Spanish settlements. Several decades later,  mestizo by the name of David Dula y Goiti, a grandson of Rajah Lakan Dula with a Spanish mother escaped the intense  persecution of the descendants of Lakan Dula by settling in Isla de Batag, Northern Samar and settled in the placed now called Candawid.[4] 
More than half a century after the death of Lakan Dula, his descendants in Northern Samar started the Sumuroy Rebellion of 1649-1650, led by the Waray hero Juan Ponce Sumuroy of Palapag Town. Warays are known for conspiratorial tendency, suicidal courage  and closely knit family loyalty, which manifested in the fact that most of the inner core of the Sumuroy  Revolt are his blood relatives. One of the trusted co conspirators and relative of Sumuroy, the son of David Dula y Goiti of nearby Laoang Town, sustained the Filipino quest for motherland with a greater vigor. Due to his hatred for the Spaniards; he dropped the name Goiti in his surname and adopted a new name David Dulay.[5]  He was however wounded in a battle, was captured and later was executed in Palapag, Northern Samar by the Spaniards together with his seven key lieutenants, one of who was the great grandfather of current Northern Samar Governor Raul Daza. They were accused of masterminding several attacks on Spanish detachments. The place where David came from was named later as Candawid (Kan David or owned by David in Waray dialect) in Isla De Batag, Laoang, Northern Samar. Some of David's descendants changed their surnames to Dulay to avoid Spanish prosecutions. Some maintained their surname Dula, which up to these days is the source of minor internal frictions among some descendants of David Dula y Goiti in Laoang, Northern Samar accusing each side as "sigbinan", a native Waray folklore which originated in Isla de Batag, which connotes "a family secretly keeping bear-like creatures", which are being fed with all kinds of meat, sometimes, including human flesh of dead Spanish Guardia Civil. Several famous Northern Samarenos are tracing their ancestry among the seven co conspirators executed with David Dula y Goiti in Palapag, Northern Samar.

The House of  Dulay Mendoza  Clan of Marikina Valley 

The Spanish persecutions of the descendants of Lakan Dula continued and intensified, but a lot of descendants maintained their native surnames like lakandula, dula, dulay, gatdula, dulayan, abdullah, rebadulla, dulatre, duldulao, dulayba, lakandola, lacandalo, lacandola, lacandula, dula - torre  and many others revolving around the root word “dula”. During the intense persecution of the Spaniards on the native aristocracy, some descendants have to disregard the “dula” root word and adopted totally different native sounding surnames for disguise, like magsaysay, lontoc, agbayani, acuna, salonga, gatchalian, bacani, macapagal, guingona, gatpandan, pangilinan, sumuroy, dagohoy, kalaw, salalima, soliman, pilapil, mabini, pagdanganan, macalintal, angara, bamba, datumanong,  panganiban, katigbak, macarambon, sakay, aglipay, kasilag, salamat, karingal, kiram, daza, lacanilao, lacanlale, gatchalian,  manalo, lagumbay, tamano, ilagan, bunye, pangandaman, maliksi, silang, badoy, puno, lapid, ziga, nalupta, binay, gatbonton, sinsuat, capulong, puyat, gatmaitan, macuja, dagami, ablan, capinpin, punongbayan, madlangbayan, gatlabayan, batungbakal, cabangbang, sumulong, gustilio, calungsod, capangoy, kapunan, etc, but continued fighting for the liberation of  the natives from Spain. Some of the descendents hid their Lakan Dula heritage by changing their names into the likes of  guevara,  aguinaldo, legaspi, aquino, mendoza, osmena, de Leon, estanislao, laurel, fernando, ejercito, delapaz, mercado, santos, bonifacio, de guzman, etc, while some adopted chinese surnames of their mother like lim, uy, go, tan, etc, but they continued to pursue a belligerant posture against Spain. There are however few who were forced to collaborate with the Spanish authority. Wishing to avoid the persecution experienced by his latter ancestors, Lakan Dula's great grandson Juan Macapagal, for instance, aided the Spanish authorities in suppressing the 1660 Kapampangan revolt of Francisco Maniago, and the Pangasinan revolt of Andrés Malong, and the 1661 Ilocano revolt. To some natives, this is an act of treason against their cause, but some leaders understand this as a heroism to save the future descendants of Lakan Dula.
Daniel Romualdez, former Speaker of the Philippine Congress was born in Tolosa, Leyte. His father, Miguel, once served as an Assemblyman for Leyte and Mayor of the City of Manila.[1] His great grandfather, a relative of Sumuroy, was involved in the Sumoroy Revolt but narrowly escaped the Spanish execution when he was allowed by David Dulay to visit his ailing mother. Dulay and his seven trusted men were later executed in Palapag, Northern Samar and were buried in unmarked graves without the Roman Catholic rites.[1]. Romualdez enrolled at the University of the Philippines College of Law and obtained his law degree in 1931. 
The current David Dulay descendants are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the late Hilario and Eleuterio Dulay, Sr. of Laoang, N. Samar, and a mayor for more than 20 years during the Marcos Regime.  The other descendants are those carrying the surname Dula related to Councilor Rufo Dula. Former Northern Samar Governor Madeilyn Mendoza Ong is also a descendant, from the lineage of Rufina Dulay of Candawid, Isla de Batag, Laoang, Northern Samar. Petre Dulay is the eldest brother of Rufina. Petre's eldest son, Doroteo; and Doroteo's eldest son, Elpidio - remained in Samar. Ceferino Dulay, Elpidio's eldest son, settled back to their ancestral homeland in Tondo, and eventually, settled in Marikina valley.  
The present hereditary head of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley is the eldest son of Ceferino, Sofronio Dulay l. He will be succeeded by his eldest son, Sofronio Dulay ll. Sofronio ll is a pre - law student of the University of the Philippines, a member of the Upsilon Sigma Phi, an SK Kagawad in the poblacion, was an honor student of an exclusive boy school, Marist, in Marikina Heights; a varsity player in basketball; a member of San Roque Inter Barangay and Batang Lambak Tytuz Basketball Team ; and a Sacristan with a position of Superior in the Shrine of Our Lady of the Abandoned headed by Bishop Francis de Leon, the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Antipolo. UST Alumni and Asian Studies Professor Anne Majadas Sopoco, a former chairman of FEU Faculty Union has this to say in her post in Facebook: "I am honored Sir Toti (Sofronio Dulay l) to meet and become your friend, knowing that you came from the great Lakan Dula clan. Mabuhay ang lahing Pilipino."
    Brother Blas Dula Lagrimas of the Dula lineage among the present descendants of David Dulay and a graduating student for priesthood,  visited the ancestral house of the hereditary leader of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley. They discussed over dinner the historical circumstances over Dula, Dulay of Isla de Batag, Dulay of Laoang  town poblacion and Dulay of Marikina Valley. From the historical accounts of the old folks of the clan, notably, the late Candawid Barangay Captain Macario Dulay; David Dulay is a wealthy Tagalog with several wives and children. The children from the first wife carry the surname Dulay to hide them from the Spanish persecutions. The children from the second wife used the surname Dula to reconnect to their Lakan Dula heritage. The children from his other wives used the surnames of their mothers.

 Some younger children from the first wife settled in Laoang and made good in arrastre business and another younger brother joined a Spanish shipping crew to Manila and fell in love with  a pretty native from what is now known as Samara in Aringay from the north where they later settled, but their eldest brother remained in Candawid running the coconut plantation with uninterrupted lineage of his first born descendants down to the generation of Petre and Elpidio, until Ceferino who surprisingly decided to go back to their ancestral homeland in Tondo and raised a big family. Later in his life, he uprooted his family in Tondo and together with some relatives, settled in Marikina Valley. They are now known as the Angkan ng Dulay dito sa Lambak ng Marikina. 
The Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley is important to the unity of the lineage of David Dula y Goiti because its hereditary leader up to the present is the uninterrupted lineage of the "eldest son of the eldest son" of the Dulay Clan dating back from Petre Dulay of Candawid, Isla de Batag, Northern Samar. The Isla de Batag, where David Dula y Goiti raised his family, is a tropical paradise facing the Pacific Ocean, and where a lighthouse guiding the ships cruising the Pacific Ocean can still be found up to now. The home of the Sigben legend, Isla de Batag is in the direct route of Galleon Trade from Manila to Mexico. It is beside Palapag, the ship repair port during the Galleon Trade, and Catubig, the former capital of Samar. Today, Fr. Potenciano Dulay, a scholar of the Knights of Columbus,  is the Parish Priest of Palapag.

Don Isabelo Mendoza, one of the earliest Mayor of Marikina. He is from the lineage of Don Benito Mendoza, the first governadorcillo of Marikina. Ceferino Rivas Dulay, a patriarch of the Dulay Clan was married to Juana Mendoza Cerbito. The street where the Dulay Ancestral House was later found was renamed from Callejon to  Isabelo Mendoza. The remain of Ceferino Rivas Dulay was found in the upper chapel inside the secretive cemetery within the compound of Our Lady of the Abandoned Shrine in the poblacion of Marikina City, few houses from the Dulay Clan ancestral house. The shrine, which was canonized through an order of the Pope from Rome, is the home base of the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdioceses of Antipolo, at present Bishop Francis de Leon, DD.

The Descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo are united. Their unassuming secretive patriarch of the modern times does not rule, he reigns privately, the personal leadership style he inherited from the earlier traditional leaders of the descendancy,  a reaction to the centuries of Spanish persecutions. He might even deny his historical role when talking to non descendants or in public.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

PinoyInEurope says:

" – the ruler of Manila and Tondo, was a Muslim and a scion of the Bolkiah family that ruled Brunei then and rules it to this day. The grandson of Lakandula, another of the three rulers of Manila, was David Dula y Goiti, also known as David Dulay and had a Spanish mother. He was the first mestizo to revolt against the Spanish." 

    This genealogy of the Gatbonton Clan shows the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley as direct descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo. As the Leader of the Gatbonton Clan said: " I am a grandson of Feliza Gatbonton Corrales-Macam. The Gatbontons are not descendants of Lakan Dulas but rather a direct relative. Gatbonton (mandala) was the administrator of the rice granary of the kingdom. He was the son of Dayang Lahat, sister of Raja Sulaiman Sri Lila (salalila)I. His other kin were MONMON, GATCHALIAN, GATMAITAN, MACARALAGA, GATMAITIM, MANDIC, GATDULA and DUMANDAN." Note, the Gatdulas of today is not in the line of the present day Dula but surely of the Gatbontons as their Father was Gat Timog. The will says:"GATBONTON married MACAYABONGDILI ( in english: the one with the ladies in waiting), a sister of my father*. They had five children, namely LOVERA, MACABAT, CAPITANGAN, TAUI and PAMPALUNG (founder of the Kingdom of Apalit) whom they called MACAPAGAL. The name could have been used as a cover up to avoid persecution when the Gatbontons escaped Tondo for Candaba via Rio Grande River. The name was used during his youth and assumed another before he died. He had also a son named Palong Gatbonton. From this line comes the line of my great Grandmother Simeona Gatbonton-Corrales, Martha Gatbonton-Kelly;grandmother of FPJ, Juan Gatbonton, Liborio Gatbonton, Manolo Gatbonton and Zcarina Gatbonton."

Jy Macam i have talk to an anthropologist Proff. Quivs Origines, tama ang entry ang schem ang mali. please take it down kuya Toti..ill give you a new one. as soon as we are finished with the updated version with the help of an anthropologist.He will personaly facilitate the tracing of the ascendancy of my grandmother...

Toti Dulay ok insan, we will wait for that.Thanks. Pero since sabi ni antropologists Prof. Quivs Origines na tama ang mga entries, ok na rin to siguro in the meantime...

Delmar Topinio Taclibon

"My deepest gratitude to Hrh Prince Omar Kiram and His Majesty Sultan Fuad A. Kiram I of the Royal Hashemite Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah for this conferment as one of the Datu(k) of the Royal Dominion."

Message of Hrh Prince Omar Kiram:

"The Hon. Datuk Sir Delmar Topinio Taclibon, KRSS, we wish you and your family and all our beloved members a blessed and prosperous joyful new year. Let us continue our resolve, commitment, dedication, true faith and allegiance to our beloved anointed Sultan Fuad A. Kiram I, to realize our advocacy of Sabah and Spratlys against Malaysia's land grabbing for the benefits of the Tausugs and the Filipinos. God Defend the Right!"

Toti Dulay : "congrats insan Delmar Topinio Taclibon and mabuhay ang Magat Salamat lineage ni Lakan Dula ng Tondo..."

Delmar Topinio Taclibon : "Thank you too Modern Day Grand Patriarch of the Lakan Dula Clan Sir Toti Dulay!"

Roderick Alain Alvarez : 9th cousin's husband's 9th great uncle's wife's 6th great aunt's husband's 16th great grandson  
we're that related, insan Toti, pero hindi pa tapos ang Lakan Dula genealogy: please add as many relatives coz, as head of the Royal
 House, you know them better :)

Toti Dulay: Thank you insan Roderick, in the Geni. Com genealogy, we saw na lumabas na yung name nung Juan Reyes Macapagal..ang main concern  na lang natin is paano na connect si Diosdado Macapagal kay Juan Macapagal?

Suijul Tasorre 

: Dear Sir Toti, I am very happy to know that you were able to protect the continuity of the Dula lineage....... how I wish na makilala ko kayo....... I'm a fan royalties specially ancient filipino royalty.... the missing link of our history as a nation.......

The Ancestors of David Dulay (David Dula y Goiti)
  1. Batang Dula: Father of David Dula y Goiti; Son of Lakan Dula and Mutya;Brother of Magat Salamat, Felipe Salonga, Dionisio Capulong.
  2. Lakan Dula (1503 - 1589): David's grandfather; Husband of Mutya; Son of Rajah Sulaiman I and Ysmeria; Father of Batang Dula, Magat Salamat, Felipe Salonga, Dionisio Capulong.
  3. Mutya: David's grandmother; Wife of Lakan Dula; Mother of Batang Dula, Felipe Salonga, Magat Salamat, Dionisio Capulong.
  4. Rajah Sulaiman I: David's great grandfather; Son of Rajah Lontok and Dayang Kalangitan; Husband of Ysmeria; Father of Lakan Dula and Rajah Sulaiman II,; Brother of Dayang Panginoan, Dayang Lahat and Gat Kahiya.
  5. Ysmeria: David's great grandmother; Wife of Rajah Sulaiman I; Mother of Lakan Dula and Rajah Sulaiman II.
  6. Rajah Lontok: David's second great grandfather; Son of Sultan Bolkiah and Lela Mechanai; Husband of Dayang Kalangitan; Father of Dayang Panginoan, Dayang Lahat, Rajah Sulaiman I and Gat Kahiya; Brother of Rajah Gappandan
  7. Dayang Kalangitan: David's second great grandmother; Wife of Rajah Lontok;Mother of Dayang Panginoan, Dayang Lahat, Rajah Sulaiman I and Gat Kahiya
  8. Sultan Bolkiah: David's third great grandfather; Son of Sultan Sulaiman; Husband of Lela Mechanai; Father of Rajah Lontok and Rajah Gatpandan.
  9. Lela Mechanai: David's third great grandmother; Daughter of Sultan Amir Ul-Ombra; Wife of Sultan Bolkiah; Mother of Rajah Lontok and Rajah Gatpandan
  10. Rajah Gambang: David's third great grandfather; Father of Dayang Kalangitan
  11. Sultan Sulaiman: David's fourth great grandfather; Father of Sultan Bolkiah
  12. Sultan Amir Ul-Ombra: David's fourth great grandfather; Father of Lela Mechanai
  13. Rajah Alon: David's fifth great grandfather; Son of Lakan Timamanukum
  14. Lakan Timamanukum: David's 6th great grandfather; Father of Rajah Alon.

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Dulay Clan Members in the You Tube

The Dulay Clan Emerged from Tondo, Marikina, Northern Samar and La Union

         "David Dula y Goiti, un nieto de Lakan Dula con una madre española escapó la persecución de los descendientes de Lakan Dula colocando en Isla de Batag, Samar norteño y colocó en el Candawid ahora llamado colocado (Kan David). Debido al odio a los españoles, él cayó el Goiti en su apellido y adoptó un nuevo David conocido Dulay. El civil de Guardia lo cogió basado en Palapag y fue ejecutado eventual junto con siete seguidores. Fueron encargados de la planificación atacar la separación española. "(Ref: )  
          "Samar norteño es donde la rebelión de Sumuroy de 1649-1650
llevado por el Juan Ponce Sumuroy del héroe de Waray primero comenzó. Uno de los conspiradores confiados en del co de Sumuroy, hijo de David Dula y Goiti, sostuvo la búsqueda filipina para la patria en un mayor vigor. Lo sin embargo hirieron en una batalla, fueron capturado y ejecutado más adelante en Palapag, Samar norteño de los españoles junto con sus siete tenientes dominantes. Los acusaron de masterminding varios ataques contra separaciones españolas. El lugar de donde David vino fue nombrado más adelante como Candawid (Kan David) en Isla De Batag, Laoang, Samar norteño. Algunos de los descendientes de David cambiaron sus apellidos a Dulay para evitar procesamientos españoles. Algunos mantuvieron su apellido Dula, que hasta actualmente es la fuente de fricciones internas de menor importancia entre algunos descendientes de David Dula y Goiti en Laoang, Samar norteño que acusaba cada lado como " sigbinan", un folklore waray nativo que originó en Isla de Batag, que implica el " una familia que guarda secretamente llevar-como creatures", que se están alimentando con todas las clases de carne, a veces, incluyendo la carne de Guardia española muerta civil. Vario Samarenos norteño famoso está remontando su ascendencia entre los siete conspiradores del co ejecutados con David Dula y Goiti en Palapag, Samar norteño. Durante la guerra Filipino-Americana, el cerco de Catubig fue luchado en la ciudad Catubig ."

         Barangay Candawid is a former sitio of Barangay Marubay, Isla de Batag, Laoang, Northern Samar, Philippines - a sea route and an entry point to the Kingdom of Manila coming from the Pacific Ocean during the Galleon Trade. Candawid came from the word Kan David. Kan is a Waray word for "owned". Candawid is a fertile land owned by David, or what is now known as David Dula y Goiti, a relative of Juan Ponce Sumuroy of Palapag. David led a group of clan members who financed and back staff Sumuroy in his rebellion against the Spain.

       Candawid Barangay Captain Macario Dulay together with some of his children visited the 4th generation titular head of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley Ceferino Dulay in 1984 and turned over two antique plates that were in his possession. The plates were part of the David Dula y Goiti households passed on from generations to generations among the titular heads of the Dulay Clan. A close scrutiny of the plate shows that they are similar to plates excavated in Pandacan, Manila which dates back in 16th century and which is presently displayed in the UST Museum. The plates provided artifacts directly linking of David Dula y Goiti to Lakan Dula of Intramuros, Manila.

      Barangay Captain Macario Dulay, sensing that he may not live long, formally anointed Ceferino Dulay of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley to assume the leadership of the clan because he is the lineage of the "first born son of the first born sons" of the Dulay Clan. He also narrated a family tree of the modern Dulay Clan from Isla de Batag starting from the legendary "Five Dulay Children of Batag Islands".

        According to Macario Dulay, basing on a story he learned from his grandfather and some old folks of the islands, the Dulay Clan of Isla d Batag came from a mysterious Tagalog who has several wives, a big ancestral land which is now known as Candawid and several household helpers and armed followers. The known and recorded descendants of this mysterious Tagalog are what are known today as the "Five Dulay Children of Isla de Batag".
       The eldest among the five children is Petre Dulay. The eldest girl is named Rufina Dulay who married Andres Cui. The third child is Francisca Dulay who was married to Siok Chan, then Tomasina Dulay who was married to Kuyo Pajantoy and the youngest is Cristobal Dulay.

Ceferino Rivas Dulay is the 4th Hereditary Leader of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley being "the eldest son of the eldest son" of the David Dula y de Goiti - Petre Dulay bloodline. He left the hereditary coconut plantation in Candawid, in Isla de Batang, Laoang, Northern Samar, and started a settlement of the clan in Marikina Valley. He is a guerilla leader and, worked and retired as one of the katiwala of the Cacho - Tuason, the owner and developer of Hacienda Marikina into what Marikina is today. His secret tomb was later discovered by some members of the clan in a chapel of the old shrine in the poblacion of Marikina protected and maintained by his closest direct descendants. His teachings are known today as "The Descendancy"

        Petre Dulay has five children: the eldest Doroteo, then Medise, Juan, Felipe and Alejandra Dulay Cerbito. Doroteo has nine children: the eldest is Elpidio, then Brigida Dulay Adora, Fructuoso, Isabel Dulay Salangoste, Antonina Dulay Luto, Dionisio, Flaviano, Jovencio and Macario. Elpidio has eight children: the eldest is Ceferino, then Urbano, Tiburcio, Tranquilino, Arsenio, Primitivo, Rosalina and Virginia. Ceferino has eight children: the eldest son is Sofronio, and then Ambrosio, Mariano and Wilson, and the daughters are Crisanta Dulay Cinco, Erlinda Dulay Gemao, Celedonia Dulay Quiles, Alfreda Dulay Lana and Asuncion Dulay Guardiano. Sofronio has three children. The eldest son is Sofronio ll, then two daughters, Arlene Dulay ll and Katreena Marie Dulay.

The "eldest son of the eldest son" continues...the 5th generation eldest son Sofronio has three children. The eldest son is SK Kgd Sofronio Corral Dulay ll making him the 6th generation eldest son, then two daughters, Arlene Corral Dulay ll and Katreena Marie Corral Dulay.

          The next child of the "Five Dulay Children of the Batag Islands" is a girl named Rufina Dulay Cui who has nine children: Rafael, Eleuterio, Victoriano, Vernavela Cui Edroso, Placido, Juliana Cui Mendoza, Cayetana Cui Tan, Trinidad Cui Monsalud and Teodora Cui Giray.
          Juliana Dulay Cui Mendoza has the following children: Dr. Leocadio Dulay Cui Mendoza, Emilio Dulay Cui Mendoza , Feliza Dulay Cui Mendoza Adato, Cerela Dulay Cui Adarayan, Encarnacion Dulay Cui Mendoza - Sacaguing, Alejo Dulay Cui Mendoza, Herculano Dulay Cui Mendoza, Epifania Dulay Cui Mendoza Pinca.

            1. Dr. Leocadio Dulay Cui Mendoza / Trinidad Palacio - Mendoza has the following children: a. Ex- Northern Samar Governor Madeliene Palacio Mendoza - Ong; b. Dra. Teresita Palacio Mendoza - Reyes; c. Atty. Leo Luis Palacio Mendoza, jr.
            2. Emilio Dulay Cui Mendoza / Georgia Rendon - Mendoza has the following children:a. Nieva Rendon Mendoza - Delmoro;b. Fe Rendon Mendoza - Ylanan;c. Reynaldo Rendon Mendoza;d. Elma Rendon Mendoza - Gorpedo; e. Emilia Rendon Mendoza - Gremio;
            3.Cerila Dulay Cui - Adarayan has the following children: a. Sister Rebecca Mendoza Adarayan (agustinian recollect nun, principal of one of the Saint Rita College Branch in Makati);b. Jeremiah  Mendoza Adarayan ( former supervisor of Carnation Phils. Manila);c. Milagros Mendoza Adarayan - Hilum; d. Pompeyo Mendoza Adarayan
            4. Feliza Dulay Cui Mendoza - Adato ( twin sister of Cerila) / Magno Adato Sr. has the following children,a. Flor Mendoza Adato - Diaz; b. Sol Mendoza Adato;c. Ding Mendoza Adato - Gamboa; d. Sally Mendoza Adato - Nuevo;
e. Tess Mendoza Adato - Gaborni; f. Magno Mendoza Adato;
            5. Encarnacion Dulay Cui Mendoza - Sacaguing / Cayetano Sacaguing has the following children: a. Atty. Artemio Mendoza Sacaguing (Palawan NBI Director);b. Nilo Mendoza Sacaguing; c. Col. Ruben Mendoza Sacaguing;
            6. Alejo Dulay Cui Mendoza Sr. / Crisencia Adato has the following children: a.Norma adato Mendoza - Basada; b. Nimfa Adato Mendoza - Limbauan; c. Vito Adato Mendoza; d. Rogelio Adato Mendoza; e. Alejo Adato Mendoza jr.;f. Pedro Adato Mendoza; g. Natividad Adato Mendoza - Arellano;

7. Herculano Dulay Cui Mendoza / Eustaquia Galero Espina Ortea has the following children;a. Lucia Mae Ortea Mendoza ;b. Emmanuel Dante Ortea Mendoza;c. Edgar Ortea Mendoza; d. Jose Pepe Ortea Mendoza; e. Francis Ortea Mendoza; f. Grace Ortea Mendoza;
         8. Epifania Dulay Cui Mendoza - Pinca / Cenon Pinca Sr. has the following children; a. Lito Mendoza Pinca; b. Hernando Mendoza Pinca; 


The Mendoza family of Isla de Batag are  Sephardi Jews
from Spain. Some  of   their members today are regularly attending the
Messianic Jewish Congragation in the USA.
c. Oscar Mendoza Pinca;d. Xenia Mendoza Pinca - Osal; e. Perlita Mendoza Pinca - Viernes ;f. Merlyn Mendoza Pinca - Pinca;g. Cenon Mendoza Pinca, jr.;h. Starlita Mendoza Pinca - Cabagtong.

Raphael Dulay Cui has the following children: 1. Agripino Dulay Cui  2. Selvista Cui - Infante 3. Maria Dulay Cui - Giray 4. Lorita Dulay Cui - Lim 5. Jose Cui 6.  Valentin Cui 7. Anastacia Dulay Cui - Cerbito 8. Benedicta Dulay Cui - Mongas 9. Andres Dulay Cui. Agripino has the following children: Nelda Muncada Cui,  Rodulfo, Thelma, Elsa,Henry, Raul, Acela, elizabeth. Selvista has th following children: Rosario, Daniel, Jacobina, Norberta, Francisco, Luisa. Maria has the following children: Benerando, Carlito, Nicasio, Pedro, Avilino, Claudio. Lorita has the following chldren: Lilia, Sofronio, Sosimo (step children: Impin, Wilfreda, Teofanis). Anastacia has the following children: Dorotea, Wenefrida, Leticia, Norry and Nonilon. Benedicta has the following children: Piedad, Gaudencio, Monina, Pepe, Nora, Vilma, Tessie, and Lucio. Andres has the following children: Gil, Bernardo and Liza.
Cayetana Dulay Cui was married to Pedro Tan. They have five children, from oldest to youngest: Arsenio, Rosario (Rosing), Maximo (Semoy), Carmen (Menay, Purita (Eta) and Donion (Dioning)

Vernabela Dulay Cui - Edroso has only one child Rosario (charing) Dulay Cui Edroso-Chitongco

Placido Dulay Cui married to Persiveranda Ylanan and they have six  children, 1.Flordeliz Ylanan Cui Saba with children Maria Olga, Ronald, Dean Kimo, Flora Ilima. 2.Arthuro Ylanan Cui with children Leova Adane Cui, Myla Sosing Cui, Lotlot, Arthur, Alfred) 3.Ireneo Ylanan Cui with children Rosario Pido Cui, Merly Pido Cui, Maryann Pido Cui, Ireneo Pido Cui, Claudia Pido Cui, Odelon Pido Cui, Celsa Pido Cui) 4.Luz Ylanan Cui with children Luriluz Cui Bartolome, Christopher Cui Bartolome, Loreto Cui Bartolome, Patrick Cui Bartolome) 5. Uvaldetha Ylanan Cui - Bagadiong  6.Rustom Ylanan Cui with children Maricris Amante Cui, Maricar Amante Cui, Placido Ramil Amante Cui and Roslie Amante Cui.

        The youngest child of the "Five Dulay Children of the Batag Islands" is  a boy named Cristobal Dulay, who is married to Irene Lusauara of Salvacion. The couple are blessed with four children Macaria who is married to Roman Cerbito, Juan who is married to Trinidad Giray, Evaristo and Federico remained singles.

      Juan and Trinidad has 8 children, the eldest is Rosita married to Pamfilo Robiego of Catubig. They have five children, Romeo,  Julieta, Cristobal, Leo and Tessie. The 2nd marriage of Rosita is with  Donato Irinco and they have three  children, namely Estepanio, Gregoria and Lucia

 Mayor Eleuterio J. Dulay" (1911-1980 ) is the son of Hilario Dulay(unknown) and Theresa Dulay(unknown). Mayor Terio bore 15 children: Hon.Alfredo Dulay Sr.+, Engr. Nicostrato Dulay+, Hon. Ricardo Dulay, Sis. Lulieta Dulay, twins: Hon. Remus, and Romulos Dulay+, Ruby Dulay Sison, Macrina Dulay Sy, Teresita Dulay, Rafael Dulay, Acila Dulay, Rosalinda Dulay Espina, Rosemarie Dulay Quibal, Josephine Dulay Adora, Eleuterio Dulay Jr. All of his children have been successful in life except the late Romulos who died during the second world war. So far some of them are now in Manila with their sons, daughters, and grandchildren. But Sis. Julieta Dulay is in California USA, and Macrina, together with others chose to live in samar.(Reference Daniel Sy).
From the lineage of Rufina Dulay came Northern Samar provincial Governor Medeilene Mendoza Ong. Ceferino Dulay of the Petre lineage went back to his ancestral Tondo and later started the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley. The other descendants of David Dulay who settled in La Union has already produced a provincial governor by the name of Governor Bobby Dulay, while the Dulays of Quirino Province has already produce a provincial governor named Governor Orlando Dulay.      

    It was the dying wish of Lakan Dula for one of his descendants to make this country great and its people prosperous. This wish must be fulfilled. It is our obligation to our ancestors to fulfill this wish.

The Traditions of the Dulay Mendoza Clan of Marikina Valley
A.. Scholarship is one of the traditions of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley. They love to aspire for scholarships. they also love to give scholarship.
Below is the list of the scholars of the clan and their donors. Past Awardees are those who were able to finished college out of the scholarship. those who did not finished does not count.
1. Sofronio Dulay Scholarship Award
Past Awardees: Mariano Dulay and Jessebel Tenedero
2. Cristina Lagunsad Scholarship Award
Past Awardee: Joseph Quiles
3. Asuncion Guardiano Scholarship Award
Past Awardees: Regin Lana and Rebecca Lana
4. Joseph Quiles Scholarship Award
Past Awardee: Anthony Quiles
Current Scholars: John Paul Quiles and Antonette Quiles
5.Larito Cinco Scholarship Award
Current Scholars: Nina Alvarez, Reynan Biol, Marlou Elarcosa, Mariel Cinco
6. Juana Mendoza Cerbito Scholarship Award
Current Scholars: Katkat Dulay, Monique Dulay, Marvin Dulay and Michael Dulay
7. Gerry Dulay Scholarship Award
Past Awardee: Neneng Pajantoy
8.Rommel Gemao Scholarship Award
Current Scholar: James Gemao
9. Regin Lana Scholarship Award
Current Scholar: Alfredo Lana
B. Dulay Clan members, as part of their tradition, runs for elective public office. The clan produced Provincial Governors, Board Members, Mayors, Vice Mayors, Barangay Captains, Barangay Kagawads, Sk Chairmen, and SK Kagawads. So far, it has not produced a Philippine President yet.
C. Another tradition, but is highly discouraged by the First Family of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley, is the tradition of chivalric duel in settling personal disputes. Among far bloodlines and members by affinity of the Dulay Clan exists a bloody "duel to death" tradition in settling personal grudge. Among the clan members in Marikina who died in this kind of duels are Totoy Mendoza, Bugoy Cerbito, Aboy Lipata and Umaw Pajantoy..fighting with separate rivals from within and outside of the Dulay Clan.This tradition, which dates back from the ancient times, somehow gave the impressions that the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley are war like people. Some of those clan members who survived this kind of duel were charge in the court of law while some were vanished from the valley and are believed to be hiding from among the known Lakan Dula settlements in Northern Samar, Candaba, Tondo and Cavite.
D. Another tradition, which dates back from the reign of Lakan Dula, is the reign of the first born sons as a generation counter and an identification tool for the reigning  First Family of the Clan. The Reign of the First Born Sons is rooted on a religious belief that God and nature endowed the first born sons with greater intellects and abilities because they are meant to protect and lead the other siblings.The Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley has the distinction of being the direct descendants of the long line of uninterrupted first born sons dating far back for Candawid, Isla de Batag, Northern Samar.
Geneology of the First Born Sons of the Dulay Clan: 
First Generation: Petre Dulay (eldest son from Candawid)
Second Generation: Doroteo (eldest son of Petre based in Candawid)
Third Generation: Elpidio (eldest son of Doroteo based in Candawid)
Fourth Generation: Ceferino (eldest son of Elpidio, went back to his Tondo homeland and later started settlement in Marikina Valley)
Fifth Generation: Sofronio l ( eldest son of Ceferino based in the poblacion of the Marikina  Valley)
Sixth Generation: Sofronio ll (eldest son of Sofronio ll based in poblacion of the Marikina Valley)
E. Another tradition, which is a way of strengthening the clan, is the leadership preparation and training for the next generation leaders headed by the direct descendant of the Reign of the First Forn Sons. This tradition was started by then clan leader Ceferino Dulay who sent his eldest son Sofronio l to the best schools of the land like La Salle, UP and AIM,  taking philosophy, military science, MBA, development management and public administration.
Sofronio 1 is sending his eldest son, Sofronio 11 (Esdee) to an exclusive boy school, Marist School, and is training him in community, church and school leadership like membership in the school basketball varsity team, San Roque Inter Barangay Basketball Team, Sacristan in Our Lady of the Abandoned, Batang Lambak Tytuz Basketball Team, MES Basketball Team, Search for Mr. Marist, charity gestures towards  members of the Dulay Clan and SK Kagawad of Barangay San Roque. Sofronio ll decided to pursue medicine, the choice was left entirely on him as part of crafting his own destiny and clan leadership style. He passed the recent UP entrance examination to pursue his pre medicine degree.
F. The tradition of starting a family within the Dulay Clan can be achieved by marrying a lady member of the Dulay Clan. The new family will then carry the name of the husbands. Example: when Celedonia Dulay and Antonio Quiles got married, they started the "Quiles Family of the Dulay Clan" , when Lennie Guardiano was married to Michael Merren, they started the "Merren Family of the Dulay Clan".
G. The marriage tradition of the Dulay Clan, especially among the closest to the inner core of the reigning First Family of the clan, is more on marrying those with strong foreign blood. Arranged marriage is done thru the leader of the clan.
H. Keeping a list of the direct blood descendants starting from the children of Ceferino Rivas Dulay, the 4th Generation Clan Leader.
I. It is a well guarded tradition of the clan  to pursue heroic and noble acts among the eldest son of the eldest son. Lakan Dula fought the Spanish Regime. His children Batang Dula  and Magat Salamat continued the resistance. Batang Dula, the Lakan Dula's eldest son valiantly hold his ground by staying in their Intramuros homeland and presided over the remnants of the kingdom  by arranging for the escaped of his children and relatives to Samar, Pampanga and Bulacan  at the height of the Spanish persecution of the native aristocracy.. His younger brother, Magat Salamat died a martyr. David Dulay joined his relative Juan Sumuroy in the Sumoroy Revolt. David was executed by the Spaniards. Ceferino Dulay was a young guerilla againts the Japanese forces under Bitok Cerbito in Isla de Batag, Northern Samar. They carried out the ambushed of a platoon led by Capt. Yamamoto. Sofronio Dulay l joined the EDSA Revolution leading some of his co - employees in a pharmaceutical firm into a ragtag group  in support of Gen. Fidel Ramos despite the fact that the owner of the company where he works is a Marcos Loyalist.

Children of 4th Generation Clan Leader 
Ceferino Rivas Dulay constitute the reigning family of the Dulay Mendoza Clan of Marikina Valley
Sofronio Dulay l , eldest son and 5th generation leader
Ambrocio Dulay
Mariano Dulay
Wilson Dulay
Crisanto Dulay Cinco
Erlinda Dulay Gemao
Celedonia Dulay Quiles
Alfreda Dulay Lana
Asuncion Dulay Guardiano
1. Children of 5th Generation Leader Sofronio Dulay l
Sofronio Dulay ll, eldest son and 6th generation leader
Arlene Dulay ll
Katreena Marie Dulay
2. Children of Ambrocio Dulay
Michael Dulay
Marvin Dulay
Mechelle Dulay Arandia
Monique Dulay
Ma. Joyce M. Dulay
Monaliza M. Dulay
Michael Kenneth M. Dulay
3. Children of Mariano Dulay
Katherine Dulay
4. Children of Wilson Dulay
None yet
5. Children of Crisanta Dulay Cinco
Renato Cinco
Lorito Cinco
Joel Cinco
Troadio Cinco, Jr.
Bertilito Cinco
Marife Cinco Elarcosa
Marian Cinco Biol
6. Children of Erlinda Dulay Gemao
Ronald Gemao
Rommel Gemao
Nestor Gemao
Nelia Gemao Serrano
7. Children of Celedonia Dulay Quiles
Christopher Quiles Brown
Joseph Quiles
Anthony Quiles, Jr.
John Paul Quiles
Cristina Quiles Lagunsad
Antonette Quiles
8. Children of Alfreda Dulay Lana
Arnold Lana
Regin Lana
Alfredo Lana
Rebecca Lana
9. Children of Asuncion Dulay Guardiano
Florentino Guardiano
Ricardo Guardiano
Lenie Guardiano Merren 

The MIRACULOUS SHRINE of Our Lady of the Abandoned in Marikina Valley answers prayers for peace, acceptance and belongingness to a community, work place, clan, family or organization that a devotee would wish to be. This is the church of the members of the Dulay Clan and the descendants of Lakan Dula for it gives them the warm embrace of the Holy Mother in their quest for success and prosperity as they have abandoned their homeland in Intramuros due to Spanish prosecution and settled in different places just to keep their bloodline intact. Around the church are four Dulay families. One is the ATM Panciteria, the other one is selling original puto Marikina near what the local is referring as "sa may Caimito". The other one is near Butiki Park who specializes in house repairs and, of course, the Dulay Mendoza Clan House near the Shoe Museum.


" The Tioco family was a very rich and generous family from Old Tondo. They owned numerous fishing boats in Tondo and Malabon. Siblings Balbino Tioco and Romana Tioco were illustrious citizens and famous Tondo benefactors of the 19th century.Balbino’s son Maximiano was kidnapped in the late 19th century and ransomed for 3 “kaings” of gold. Maximiano was married to a spanish mestiza Marciana Félix (same Félix family as Joji Félix Velarde and Conchita Félix wife of Felipe Calderón of the Malolos Constitution)

Maximiano married Teodorica Ylo (The Cabangis family are also descended from the Ylo’s) They bore 5 children, Nemesio, Salvador, “Beot”, Guadalupe (married to Don Eduardo Barretto), Consuelo (married to Dr Rufino Mendoza, son of Don Isabelo Mendoza de Villablanca, a direct descendant of the spaniard Don Benito Mendoza, first gobernadorcillo of Mariquina in 1787. Benito’s descendant Juana Mendoza Cerbito married Ceferino Dulay, a patriarch of the Rajah Lakan Dula/Dulay Clan.

Long after the family had left Old Tondo for the plush villages of Makati and other parts of Manila, there remains Calle Romana* in honor of Romana Tioco, and Calle Tioco* in honor of Balbino and Romana, two personages of the same family in gratitude for their inexhaustible generosity to Tondo."1 (Source: 

The Families of Old Tondo, Manila
           Eddie de Guzman, nephew of the late Mayor Munding de Guzman of the de Guzman Clan of San Roque, said that the de Guzman of San Roque are actually from Mendoza. He said that their great grand mother, Imang Hilot is a Mendoza who changed her surname to de Guzman.

Ceferino Rivas Dulay is historically known as the 4th generation "eldest son of the eldest son from all the way back to David Dula y  Goiti" and the 4th traditional head of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley serving during his time. He was a guerrilla against the Japanese forces during World War 11 and a loyal katiwala of the Cacho/Tuasons who owned and later developed a big portion of  the Hacienda Marikina long after it became the present Marikina City. 

His tomb is a favorite visiting site of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley which is found in a secret chapel inside a  church cemetery of the Archdiocesan Shrine of  the Our Lady of the Abandoned headed by the Auxiliary Bishop of Antipolo Francis de Leon. He is humble and has helped so many people and died of liver cancer without even formally claiming by himself  the title of  the 4th Traditional Leader of the Clan. 

His role in the Dulay Clan however was formally recognized by the late  Candawid Barangay Captain Macario Dulay, his youngest uncle, who visited him in Marikina Valley and turned over to him two 16th century plates that has been passed on among the leaders of the clan from David Dula y Goiti household. Another formal recognition about his traditional role in the clan is when Simon Dulay , Sr., the leader of the Dulay Clan in the Laoang Islands during his time, initiated the formation of  the Ceferino Dulay Memorial Foundation, Inc. (CDM Foundation)

 Just recently, a group of his descendants set up the Ceferino Dulay of Marikina Valley and Northern Samar Facebook Group.

His teachings is being practiced secretly among educated members of the  the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley. A portion of his teaching is found in this website entitled Chapter U: The Descendancy - the Teachings of Ceferino Dulay.

Educational Ranking of the members of  the Dulay  Mendoza Clan of Marikina Valley in 2018
Aside from the blood descendants, only the legal or common law wives or husbands of the direct descendants of the 4th generation "eldest son of the eldest son" and the clan titular leader  during   his time Ceferino Rivas Dulay who pursued college is eligible for listing in this educational ranking.This is done to preserve the hereditary leadership bloodline of David Dula y Goiti to the present time. This list will be updated every birthday of the clan matriarch Juana Mendoza Cerbito vd de Dulay. Updates or corrections should be addressed to: Ceferino Dulay Memorial Foundation, Inc., Dulay Ancestral House, #15 Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina City,Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel.# 645-8424; Cell # 0917- 7106524 Email Address: totidulay

1st. Sofronio Cerbito Dulay I (Sofronio Family),

1. Doctor of Public Administration (candidate), University of the Philippines; 2.Master in Development Management, Asian Institute of Management; 3. Master in Business Administration,(54 units), De La Salle University; 4. Bachelor of Arts, University of the Philippines; 5. Diploma in Advanced Military Science, University of the Philippines; (in the above picture, Marikina City Mayor Marides Fernando, in pink, and her Consultant Toti Dulay, in light blue.)

2nd. Joseph Dulay Quiles (Celedonia Family), 1. Doctor of Education (candidate), National Teachers College 2. Master of Educational Management, Marikina Institute of Science and Technology; 3. B.S. in Industrial Education, Marikina Institute of Science and Technology; former SK Kagawad of Marikina Heights

3rd. Arlene Uy Corral l (Sofronio Family),
1. Master of Public Administration, University of the Philippines 2. A.B. Economics, University of the Philippines; (Arlene as head of ComBen in a power firm together with three of her staff)

4th. Malvin Quiles Dulay (Ambroicio Family), 
1. Master of Education, Marikina Politechnic College (28 Units) 2. BS in Education, Polytechnique University of the Philippines'

5th Sofronio Corral Dulay II, (Sofronio Family), 3rd Year Law Proper, UP College of Law; Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, UP Diliman. Student Council, UP NCPAG; SK Kagawad of San Roque, Marikina. Vice Chairman, Upsilon Sigma 
Phi; Member, UP Debate Team

6th. Larito Dulay Cinco (Crisanta Family), 
1. Master of Education,(18 units), Roosevelt College 2. B.S. in Education, Roosevelt College;

7th. Rebecca Dulay Lana (Alfreda Family), BS in Education, Maranatha College; 16 Units, Master in Education,
LET Board Passer: 78% rating

8th Nomer Albarando Alcazar (Sofronio Family). BS in Library and Information Science (Cum Laude, 5th Place Board Examination), University of the Philippines, Diliman

9th. Mariano Cerbito Dulay (Mariano Family), 1. BSBA Accounting, Polytechnic University of the Philippines; 2. Powerpack 1.7, STI; 3. Basic Micro nWord/ Excel, Informatics;Barangay Kagawad of Marikina Heights

10th. Anthony Dulay Quiles,Jr.(Celedonia Family), BS Industrial Engineering; Technological Institute of the Philippines;
11th. Araceli Fontanilla Quiles (Celedonia Family), BS Industrial Engineering; Technological Institute of the Philippines; 
12th. Alfredo Dulay Lana (Alfreda Family), BS Accountancy, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina; BS in Education, Manila Bible College (2nd year)

13th. Lucy Pamittan Cadag (Mariano Family), 1. BS in Management, St. Louis Tuguegarao and National College of Business Administration 2. Civil Service Eligible, Professional Level. Barangay Kagawad of Marikina Heights

14th. Ambrocio Cerbito Dulay (Ambrocio Family), 1.BS Public Administration  Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina. 2. BSBA Management,(3rd year), Polytechnic University of the Philippines; 3. Police Officer 1, Civil Service Eligible; 

15th. Arlene Dulay Alcazar II (Sofronio Family),1.BSBA Marketing Management, University of Sto. Tomas; 2. Civil Service Eligible, Professional Level

16th. Michael Borromeo Dulay (Ambrocio Family), Bachelor of Science in Christian Education, Baptist Bible College of Asia; Diploma in Automotive Technology,Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;
17th. Abigael Salazar Guardiano (Asuncion Family), BS Psychology; New Era University 

18th. Regin Dulay Lana (Alfreda Family), BS Industrial Education, Marikina Polytechnic College;
19th. Nelia Gullab Quiles (Ambrocio Family), B.S. in Industrial Education, Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;

BSBA Marketing, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina

21st. Bertilito Cinco (Celedonia Family), BS Physical Therapy, Emilio Aguinaldo College

22nd Florera Joy Vicio Cinco (Crisanta Family), BS Entrepreneurship, Don Bosco Makati

23rd. Katherine Arellano Dulay, (Ambrocio Family),  BSBA, Human Resource Management,4th Year, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina.SK Kagawad of  Marikina Heights

24th. Reynan Cinco Biol (Alfredo Family), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology , Siargao Island Institute of Information Technology, Surigao City;

25th. Monaliza Manzon Dulay (Ambrocio Family), Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration , Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina.

26th. Flore Joan Cinco (Celedonia Family), BS Hotel and Restaurant Management,4th Year, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina.
                                                                                   27th. Florentino Guardiano (Asuncion Family), 1.U.S.Navy Basic Training Course, 
San Diego, California; 2. BS Architecture (3rd year), Far Eastern University; (Washington State, USA)

28th. Faith Cinco (Crisanta Family), Mascom major in Broadcasting,(4th year) Centro Escolar University

29th. Michael Kenneth Manzon Dulay (Ambrocio Family), Bachelor of Science in Criminology (3rd), Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina.

30th Jeanorah C. Biol (Celedonia Family), Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (3rd Year), Surigao State College of Technology  

31st. James Bon G. Serrano (Erlinda Family), BSBA (3rd Year), Pamantasan ng Lungsodng Marikina

32th. Ercedes Abila Manzon (Ambrocio Family), 
BSBA Management (3rd Year), Roosevelt College

Kianne Apon (Crisanta Family)
, BEed major in Early childhood education sa Pamantasan ng Montalban, Rodrigues.,Rizal

34th. Irish Cinco Biol (Crisanta Family), Bachelor of Science in Technical Education (2nd year), Marikina Politechnic College.

35th. Lovely Alvarez Cinco (Crisanta Family), Tourism Management (2nd Year), Centro Scholar University.

36th.Marlon Cinco Elarcosa (Crisanta Family), Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (2nd year), Pamantasan ng Lungsof ng Marikina.

37th. Joebel Cinco (Crisanta Family), Computer Engineering (2nd Year), ICCT. 

38th. Richann Quejado Maglente (Crisanta Family) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology ( 2nd year), ICCT 

39th. Rick Dulay Guardiano (Asuncion Family
), Mariner High School, Washington State

40th. Ma. Joyce Manzon Dulay,
(Ambrocio Family) BS Nursing (2nd Year), Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina

41st.  Mark Jayson Leonardo Sino (Mariano Family), Associate in Computer Technology, ACLC.

42nd. Cristina Quiles Lagunsad (Celedonia Family), Diploma in Business Secretarial, Roosevelt College;

43rd. Vilma Alvarez Cinco (Celedonia Family), Diploma in Business Secretarial, Roosevelt College;

44th. Mia Jalandoni Nila Cinco (Crisanta Family), Diploma in Computer Secretarial, Datamex Institute of Computer Technology (Calondocan Branch)

45th. Lenie Guardiano Merren (Asuncion Family),
BS Banking and Finance, (2nd year), New Era College;(Washington State, USA)
46th. Nelia Gemao Serrano (Erlinda Family), BS Office Management, (2nd year), Baguio Colleges;
47th. Nestor Dulay Gemao (Erlinda Family), Computer Technology, (2nd year), Marikina Institute of Science and Technology

48th Ahleysa Marie Devers - Guardiano (Asuncion Family), Computer Science (2nd Year), (Washington State, USA)

49th. John Paul Dulay Quiles (Celedonia Family), 2nd Year, BS in Education, University of the East
50th. Felomena Esperon Valencia (Erlinda Family), Computer Secretarial, Metro Data

51st Cristian Vivio Cinco (Crisanta Family), Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication (1st year), Trinity University of Asia)

52nd. Mariel Cinco Elarcosa (Crisanta Family), Bachelor of Science in Education (1st Year), Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina.

53rd. Shiela Marie Serrano Cruz (Erlinda Family),Food Technology (1st Year), Marikina Polytechnique College

54th. Troadio Dulay Cinco,Jr. (Celedonia Family),Industrial Technology (1st Year), Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;
55th. Michelle Dulay Arandia (Ambrocio Family), Computer Technology, (1st year), Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;
56th .Marian Cinco Biol (Crisanta Family), BS Nursing, (1st Year); Surigao Colleges
57th Wilson Cerbito Dulay (Wilson Family), Diploma in Business Secretarial, (Ist Year), Roosevelt College;
58th.Christopher Quiles Brown (Celedonia Family), California USA - unaccounted

The Dulay Family in their ordinary day attire in the Dulay Mendoza Clan  house at the poblacion of Marikina. From left to right: Sofronio Dulay ll, Arlene Dulay ll, Arlene Dulay l, Katreena Marie Dulay and Sofronio Dulay l. At the back is the image of Our Lady of the Abandoned which stayed in the clan house for several days before it was brought back to the altar of the nearby Shrine of the Our Lady of the Abandoned.

Suijul Tasorre 

: Dear Sir Toti, I am very happy to know that you were able to protect the continuity of the Dula lineage....... how I wish na makilala ko kayo....... I'm a fan royalties specially ancient filipino royalty.... the missing link of our history as a nation.......

Sam Jezrel Moran
Sam Jezrel Moran kamahalan.. pinag mamalaki ko po na akoy pilipino.. kau po pala ang prinsipe ng tondo si Prince. Sofronio Cerbito Dulay I.
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