Chapter Y: The CDM Foundation: the Administrator of the Descendancy of Lakan Dula, the Last King of Manila

    The CDM Foundation or Ceferino Dulay Memorial Foundation ,Inc  was established in honor of Ceferino Rivas Dulay, the 4th traditional leader of the Dulay Clan of Northern Samar and Marikina Valley, and is known today for his teachings. The foundation is the  safe keeper and administrator of the traditions of the clan, the descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo - the last King of Manila, and the guide for the future generations. This foundation was organized by the leaders of the Dulay Clan of Candawid, Laoang, Northern Samar and Marikina Valley after the death of Ceferino Rivas Dulay.
   The descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo wish to thank our traditional corporate supporters like ATTY. ERIC BUHAIN of REX BOOKSTORE in their support for our "school supplies for the poor projects", and for the "Baybayin Festival". We also thank OSCAR LOPEZ of the LOPEZ GROUP FOUNDATION for their support on our feeding programs.
Pro - Poor Community Projects and Advocacy
In accordance with the teachings of 4th generation leader of the Dulay Clan of Candawid and Marikina Valley, Ceferino Rivas Dulay, the CDM Foundation pursues pro - poor community projects like the "Fruit - Bearing Trees Tree Planting Projects" in cooperation with the Marikina City Police, "School Supplies Para Sa Mahihihrap" in cooperation with the Rex Book Store  and the Tau Gamma/Triskillion Fraternity, "Dance for a Cause" for the benefit of the Columbian Squires of the Knights of Columbus Concepcion Council 7631, financial assistance for individual in needs and for other small organization's project, scholarship support to those who pursue Roman Catholic Priesthood, support to the church - based cooperatives, advocacy to make the Our Lady of the Abandoned a Cathedral, support for the the Knights of Columbus by among others administering their Facebook Group, library improvement projects, faculty development projects and sports development projects. for so many years, the foundation had been silently doing these pro - poor projects.

CDM Foundation in action.....

PREPARING THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES PARA SA MAHIHIRAP: at CDM Foundation HQ  members of the I-Toti Execom set the project into motion. From left to right CDM Foundation President Toti Dulay, Ross Vaness Ramos, I-Toti Vice Chair Roger NotarteDaisy JuguetaHester Cheng and CDM Foundation Executive Director Carmela Ibanez. Earlier, the group met with leaders of transport group led by Anna at Shakeys Marquinton, then the group met with Triskillon -Tau Gamma led by Art Palmiano at kawayanan and supported the group with school supplies for their balik eskwela project in the second district. On Wednesday, the I-Toti will go to public schools to donate school supplies to the principals with instruction that these supplies be given to poor students. Tomorrow, my son SK Kgd Esdee Dulay will donate school supplies to OLA Social Action Group. The CDM Foundation wishes to thank Rex Book Store for their support to the School Supplies para sa Mahihirap Project...
SCHOOL SUPPLIES PARA SA MAHIHIRAP: CDM Foundation Prof. Toti Dulay is donating thousands of assorted school supplies from Rex Book Store to Principal Regino M. Pagtama, Jr. of Concepcion Elementary School.The donation coincided with the first flag ceremony of the school year attended by students, teachers and parents. Dulay was requested to speak and he told the students to "study hard and dedicate your success in life as well as share your graces to our alma mater." He is accompanied by I-Toti Mo Na Yan Youth Adviser Hester Cheng and I-Toti Mo Na Yan Execom Member Ross Vaness Ramos. The Concepcion event is the last leg of series of donations of school supplies for the poor inititiated by Rex Bookstore, CDM Foundation, Tau Gamma, Skillion and individual partners. Dulay is former consultant of the Office of Mayor Marides Fernando

SCHOOL SUPPLIES PARA SA MAHIHIRAP. SK Kgd Esdee Dulay is giving school supplies for the poor from Rex Bookstore to Social Action Group of Our Lady of the Abandoned where he was an altar boy from grade 5 to high school. Now that he is a prelaw student in UP, he does not serve the altar anymore. He was the Prom King of Marist Graduation ball with his partner Luisa Roque winning the Prom Queen. Esdee was an Interbarangay Basketball Player of San Roque and a Varsity Player of Marist. He wants to be a corporate lawyer someday.Together with his causins SK Kgd Catherine Dulay of Marikina Heights and Sk Kgd Melvin John Dulay of Calumpang, they are the next bunch of Dulay Clan members in Marikina politics.

Prof. Toti Dulay talks with around 100 people in a depressed area in Guzman St., in Concepcion Uno after Willy Fred Amacio, Kabayani Parang Chairman and Dennis Alexander Villoso, Magdalo Group leader of Marikina delivered their talks. A group of Batang Coop officers and members are denouncing the city hall for neglecting them. The CDM Foundation provided them food and  some games, bingo social.
GRASSROOTS ISSUES,PICNIC AND BINGO: Prof. Toti Dulay and businessman Willy Fred Amacio  together with  Chris Llabres, Senyong Gonzales, Ricky Khoo and Boy Nepomuceno is embarking on a series of consultations directly with the people in different barangays in the second district of Marikina to hear directly from the masses their pressing concern through picnic and bingo. In this picnic held in a depressed area in Nangka, the concern is the 90 meters rumored easement from the river. Prof. Dulay and Amacio suggested that people should work directly with CMP because it will helped them purchase the lot, deal with the local government and the owners of the lot. Then, Prof. Dulay met with Councilor Boggs Reyes at Chowking Marikina Heights to clear some issues ; before proceeding to the General Assembly of Holy Family Credit Cooperative in Parang where Prof. Dulay pledged to invest P10,000 and encouraged everyone to invest too by transferring their savings from the bank to cooperative where you earn bigger interest at the same time help the community. Then, the group of Prof. Dulay and Amacio went to their HQ in Parang to plan for next activities before meeting with Ofre Yuraba Corpuz, the vice chairman of Herbosa Homeowners Association and Chairman of Holy Family Credit Cooperative.
Descendancy Trust Fund (DTF)
This trust fund is created to ensure the continuity of the tra- ditional leadership and administration of the descendancy. Along side with this is the continuous research and propagation on the history, culture, symbols, artifacts, traditions, legend, myth and practices revolving around Lakan Dula of Tondo and his current descendants. Donations to DTF is welcome from among the descendants and non-descendants alike, however, it does not accept anonymous donations because it is a policy to prepare a list of DTF donors which we is called "founders group". If a donor wanted to be an anonymous, he must personally inform the hereditary leader at the ancestral house in Marikina Valley of his identity before his donation is accepted. Donations may be rejected if it will put the descendancy into a compromised light. The CDM Foundation is not actively campaigning for the DTF Project from sources outside of the clan since for the past years, it had been independently and silently pursuing projects with funds coming from the children and grand children of Ceferino Rivas Dulay.
CDM Foundation in action......
BE THE CHAMPION OF THE POOR: CDM Foundation President Sofronio Dulay, in one of the affairs in Malacanang Palace in Manila, the Official Residence of the Philippine President. His philosopshy has always been   be the "beggar for the poor", meaning, equalize rich and poor by negotiating resources from the rich towards the poor.

EXTERNAL RESOURCES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF MARIKINA: the strategy is to network for resources outside of Marikina and bring it down inside Marikina...long term...this is one of the topics discussed at 
the Dulay ancestral house among Prof. Toti Dulay; Prof. Ester Mendoza; Master - Conec, Inc. SVP Ester Susan Dulay (daughter of Quirino Governor Orlando Dulay);
Judge Crisanto Cornejo (former President of Nationalista Party and national president of National Fraternal of Eagles and son of Mayor Miguel Cornejo of Pasay City) and Roger Notarte, Project Director of the CDM Foundation. Before the dinner, we did the "Dine with the  Ancestor Ritual" of red wine and grapes among Dulay Clan members.After dinner, we did bonding in the videokee with old was a nice evening of true friendship...
BE LOYAL TO YOUR INSTITUTION. As a professional consultant of Marikina Mayor Marides Carlos Fernando, CDM President Toti Dulay tried to initiate pro - poor projects  like the Grameen Bank type of savings and loan association, Habitat For Humanity Housing Project, Kundiman Contest,  no placement fee going abroad for poor marikenos, child welfare projects, etc.. As a consultant, he learned his lessons dealing with bureaucratic red tape and kuskos balungos...he maintained his cool and did not push for things that can not be done at the level of readiness of the people around him. He learned to accept the facts of life.

THANKSGIVING: at the height of the Habagat, we posted the Oratio Imperata in all major FB groups in Marikina and requested everyone to pray it. At my house, we prayed to Our Lady of the Abandoned the said prayer. The water level of the river went down. It was well documented in Marikina News including the comments as water level is slowly subsiding. I discussed this phenomenon with Fr. Buco, Fr. Estrada and Fr. Lagrimas and the consensus is that it may help in documenting the miracles of our shrine, needed in its bid to become a Cathedral. In the picture, Kabayani Vice Chairman Marion Andres and Hester Cheng, and others, celebrated the thanksgiving at the residence of Prof. Toti Dulay. Center picture shows Prof. Carmela Ibanez of the CDM Foundation donating to the Kabayani /I-Toti Mo Na Yan Relief Operations. At the third picture, Prof. Dulay holding their family poodle together with other members of the I-Toti ExeCom, during the simple thanksgiving.
The Globalist Manifesto Project
This project is an advocacy campaign for the propagation of The Globalist Manifesto. The manifesto was formulated in a classroom of the Asian Institute of Management. It paints a vision for the future world and prescribed 10 stages towards the formation of a global government. According to a Jewish scholar Avner Falk, in his book entitled "Islamic Terror: Conscious and Unconscious Motives" (2008,pp.46-46), a proactive form of globalization is emerging, spawned by international corporations that wish to loosen trade restrictions. It is the global financial firms that have been the most eager proponents of this expansion. A group of advocates from different parts of the world had been pushing for an integrated global society as envisioned in the Globalist Manifesto which is the foundation of globalism ideology.Globalization is supposed to have shaken up the traditional Muslim world and put it under siege (Ahmed and Donnan 1994; Mohammadi and Saltford 2002; Ahmed 2003). Yet the idealist Globalist Manifesto, created in the Philippines, is a paean to peace and prosperity. It paints an idealized picture of our world. It is wishful thinking at its most glaring.[1]

CDM Foundation in action....

JOIN THE KNIGHTS OF CO LUMBUS, TO SERVE GOD AND THE SOCIETY: I remem -ber recrui -ting Atty. Cesar Turiano, Dr. Jose Fabian Imperial Cadiz, and Tony Adamos to the Knights of Columbus Concepcion Council 7631 in the early nineties. I personally initiated the first Stations of the Cross Project which has become a tradition of the Council up to now. In the picture is my former deputy grand knight when I was the Grand Knight now State Officer Ding Caparas, with the present Grand Knight Fred Bobias, me, and former District Deputy and my Kumpadre Rick Orbin. Concepcion Council 7631 meets every SECOND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH, 9 AM AT THE CONCEPCION ACTIVITY CENTER.PLEASE LOOK AT THE PARISH BULLETIN BOARD FOR OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS.

MAKE THE "OUR LADY OF THE ABANDONED CHURCH" A CATHEDRAL: CDM Foundation President Prof. Toti Dulay donating an amount to teacher Larry Cinco for a project of St. Gabriel of our Lady of Sorrows Parish of Marikina Heights. The move to make OLA a Cathedral should be the concern of all Marikenos and one way to do
ded by Bishop Francis de Leon...konting efforts na lang magigi
 it is to make the parishes around it very stable. The Dulay Family has been investing to the coop
eratives of different parishes as a way to help them grow and be stable.We have already invested in OLA, Concepcion and Barangay Parang. Next would be Concepcion Dos and Nangka....karangalan nating lahat kung maging Cathedral na ang OLA. Sa ngayon, Shrine na sya, hea
ng Cathedral na to...
PLANT FRUIT BEARING TREES CAM PAIGN. The CDM Foundation received from Mari kina Police some nangka trees for tree planting on Saturday,Maya 12, 7 am at Butiki Park. The Marikina Chief of Police Gabriel Lopez and Prof. Toti Dulay, together with BPAT Leader Oscar Morales Angeles Jr., and I-Toti Mo Na Yan Vice Chairman Roger Notarte, holding some young fruit bearing trees. The Park Office led by Romeo Amurao will help us in the tree planting. Those who comfirmed attendance are Mayor Marides Fernando, Kabayani Vice Chairman Marion Andres, Councilor Bojie Bernardino, Councilor Boggs Reyes,Prof. Toti Dulay, Willy Fred Amacio, I-Toti Chairman Chris Llabres, Prof. Carmela Ibanez, Hester Cheng, I-Toti Vice Chairman Roger Notarte, Alelie Francisco, Leo Robles, Ofre Corpuz, Kgd Jojo Pintang, Marco Cope, and Bino Santiago.FRUIT BEARING TREES GIVE SHADES, FRUITS AND THE HAPPY MEMORIES OF YOUNG CHILDREN CLIMBING TREES.

ADVOCACY TO PLANT FRUIT BEARING TREES INSTEAD TO PROVIDE SHADES, FRUITS AND CHILDRENS EXPERIENCE TO CLIMB TREES. The CDM Foundation, in pursuance of this advocacy initiated a series of meetings at Shakeys, Bonchalet and 53rd, to finalize the tree planting project this coming Saturday. At 53rd is Bino Santiago, Hester Cheng, Prof Carmela Ibanez, Prof. Toti Dulay, Marco Margallo Cope, Willy Fred Amacio , I-Toti Vice Chair Roger Notarte, I-Toti Chairman Chris Llabres, Daisy Jugueta, Ross Vaness Ramos,and Ofre Yuraba Corpuz. As discussed, Vice Mayor Cadiz approved the project, Park Office will porvide tools and personnel, Marikina Police provided the trees, Roger Notarte and Carmela Ibanez will provide the food, Doc Marion will provide the tent, Ross and Chris will design and provide the tarps and tags, Fred will provide vehicle to transper the plants to site, Marco will do the photography. I said last night: KAHIT SINONG DUMATINNG, KAHIT ANONG MANGYARI, TATANIM NATIN ANG MGA PUNONG YAN SA SABADO.

CDM Foundation SUPPORTS YOUTHS WHO WANT TO STUDY PRIEST HOOD: Parang SK Kagawad and Kabayani Youth Leader Juan Paolo Hernandez receives from Prof. Toti Dulay an amount for the studies to priesthood of his brother, Bro. Juan Carlo A. Hernandez at St. Camillus College Seminary in Marikina Heights. The event was held at Sweet Madies in Marikina Heights in a dinner meeting last May 23, as witnessed by Hester Cheng, Treasurer of the Ceferino Dulay Memorial Foundation, Inc. which has been traditionally supporting seminarians.Fr. Blas Dula Lagrimas was one of the beneficiaries. He is now taking masters degree at San Sebastian College.
PEOPLE OF THE WORLD SHOULD BE BUSI NESS ORIEN TED. Prof Toti Dulay is the resource speaker on business planning and management, with Far Eastern University professors as participants. Prof Dulay was the adviser of Taypen, Aquavendo and CocoSugar, business proposals of his students that won in the national competitions. Aquavendo and Cocosugar also competed internationally, in Harvard University. One of the advocacies of Prof Dulay is to develop the enterprising spirit of people all over the world because this will create jobs and reduce poverty.
Marikina News is the longest running community newspaper in Marikina. It was intended to fight the “Marikina Apartheid” which discriminates against cosmopolitan Marikenos in political activities in town. When the fight was won, Marikina  News shifted to internet, promising to to return to circulation if needed again someday.  Own by the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley, six Chairmen has led the paper: Dr. Jimmy Trinidad who died in office is from Sta.Elena; Judge Ricardo Diaz of Concepcion, Atty.Cesar Turiano of Nangka who became a Grand Knight and a Faithful Navigator of the Knights of Columbus; Dr. Fabian Cadiz of Sto.Nino is now the Vice Mayor of Marikina and Romeo Balasta of Barangka who migrated to Illinois. It has also a Facebook group with more than 2000 members.The present Chairman is Esdee Dulay, SK Kagawad of San Roque, Marikina and the 6th generation leader of the "Angkan ng Dulay dito sa Lambak ng Marikina"

At present, the Marikina News FB Group has 174,102 members and still growing at the average of 2000 membership request per week. With a city population of 410,000, around 42% of the population is a member of Marikina News, making the FB group a very influential instrument for social change in the city. At present, it is conducting a feeding program per barangay with the help from the donations of its members. It is also supporting Duterte's Kitchen.
 CDM Foundation in action....
EDUCATIONAL TOUR TO GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE: CDM Foundation President Sofronio Dulay went to an educational tour to Korea to learn the latest technology in web - based teaching and publishing. He is the at the third from the left at the back row.

TO GET MORE NEWS, BE WHERE THE ACTION IS:shown in the picture in my table, in the wedding of Brian Tan and Angeline Cruz sa Marikina Convention Center kahapon: Willy Fred Amacio of Chairman of Kabayani Barangay Parang tells of the ongoing moves to consolidate all the Bisayans in the second district and connect with Sen. Koko Pimentel, a bisayan; Judge Andy Garalza, another bisayan, and Jun Perez said that since I was a consultant of MCF and campaigner of BF's national fight, kung pwede ko raw ibulong na ipasok sa Kabayani line up as councilor si Judge Garalza.I said that since he is from Concepcion Dos, the best Kabayani leaders to endorse him are my KC brod Bong Ubaldo and Dick Ifurong, chiarman ng Kabayani Concepcion Dos..I always respect the Kabayani chain of command...

KEEPING MY OPTIONS OPEN: we were discussing a letter to me from Malacanang for probable appointment in the GOCC instead of fighting Rep.Miro Quimbo. With me is Mae S. Lagunday Kababaihang Liberal and Admin of ATOM Philippines, and Prof. Carmela Ibanez, also of Kababaihang Liberal.Mae later proceeded to Balai, LP HQ, after our meeting in Max's ....I will be valuing the decision of BF and MCF and Kabayani....before I will do my own a sign of my respect to them...
Dulay Clan values education. To put that value into practice, the CDM Foundation helps and coordinates clan members to pursue education. It also releases an annual ranking of clan members based on education. The ranking only includes the direct bloodline of Ceferino who are in the college level.This is to encourage all members of Dulay Clan and descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo to study hard. This is in accordance with the teaching of Ceferino Rivas Dulay on education which goes something like this: "Education is a necessity. Securing the education of your children is just like teaching them how to look for food when you are gone. No matter how fashionable or cocky you are, if you have no education, you are nothing. So, the best way to be popular and respected is to have good education. The higher the education, the better is the school, the better is the course - the better. Graduate with honors. Go for masteral and doctoral."
CDM Foundation in action....
BE FAMILY ORIENTED, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY SA LAHAT NG TATAY: we attended mass sa Shrine of Our Lady of the Abandoned, nabless kaming lahat ng mga tatay,  ni Fr. Gallardo, kasama ko si pareng Jojo Bernabe Banzon. Tapos, pumunta kami sa Tiendesitas sa Greenhills para kumain sa Claire de la Fuente Grille, kotse ng anak kong si Lenlen ang ginamit namin kaya prente ako sa likod hehehe, then, bumili kami ng 3 - months old Poodle para sa mga anak kong si Lenlen at Katya. Dose mil pala yung ganung aso, sabi ko nga askal na lang eh, marami sa Aranque...hehehehe. Gusto nga sana namin ni Esdee Dulay eh Siberian Husky eh. Sarap ng private life, walang atraso sa bayan, kasama pamilya lagi, sagana at walang issue na hinaharap....kung sakaling nasa gobyerno na ako, ganito pa rin gusto kong buhay - simple, modest, honest, walang atraso sa bayan at walang mataas na ambisyon na position at yaman...ok na ako sa simpleng buhay within my means.

. As a full time university professor of the Far Eastern University, CDM President Toti Dulay emphasizes EQ rather than IQ among his students. He has been consistently awarded Teaching Excellence Award by FEU based on the ratings on him by his students and Dean. Dulay emphasizes education, a first honorable mention graduate of what is now Marikina Science High School. He finished his four - year course in UP Diliman in only three years. Took his masters degree in  Asian Institute of Management who later elected him member of the board of its alumni association. He is now writing his doctoral dissertation  in Public Administration in UP NCPAG with leadership as his topic.

DULAY CLAN LEADERS Visited the Office of the CDM Foundation: From left to right: Roger Notarte, Jesus Romualdez Marcos and her daughter; Col Ruben Mendoza Sacaguing; Atty. Elpidio S Dulay; Chris Llabres Chairman and Cheap of Stuff (hehehe) of the I-TOTI MO NA YAN BARKADAHAN NG MARIKINA; Atty. Eddie Dulay Mejos, Chief Finance ng COMELEC; NBI Special Agent Jun Mendoza Adato; Mrs. Elpidio Dulay, a nephew of Gov. Ebdane; and Prof. Carmela Ibanez, Executive Director of the Ceferino Dulay Memorial Foundation, Inc. 
CDM Foundation in action......
ADDITION TO THE DULAY CLAN OF MARIKINA VALLEY when Michael Alexander from the family of the Miranda Bookstore married Ma. Joyce Dulay, daughter of Bobby Dulay, head of Towing Section of Marikina City Hall and younger brother of Kabayani member Prof. Toti Dulay. A bunch of close relatives and friends from both sides served as ninongs ang ninangs: Lolita Cinco of Cinco Interprises, Eloteria Francisco, Dra. Lilian Miranda Cobarrubias, Patricia Valerio, Evelyn Mendoza of Parang, Rosalinda Cancino, Luzviminda Tejada and Edna Ponferrada. Ninongs are Vice Mayor Jose Fabian Imperial Cadiz, Vice Mayor Bartolome Rivera, me, Peter Castaneda, Charlie Mijares, Roberto Astrer, Alex Cataag and Jose Marty Domingo. As the head of the clan, my first advise to the newly wed couple is to have as many children as they can afford to send through life kasi ako eh...a "sensible pro life" add a few description.
The projects aims to develop consciousness on pre - hispanic aristocracy among modern Filipinos. It creates awareness  on this identity and efforts are being initiated to identify and communicate individuals and families whose family history includes connection with Lakan Dula of Tondo, in one way or another. The Philippine history would say that the Spanish persecutions of the descendants of Lakan Dula continued and intensified, but a lot of descendants loyal to the  Lakan maintained their native surnames like lakandula, dula, dulay, gatdula, dulayan, abdullah, rebadulla, dulatre, duldulao, dulayba, lakandola, lacandalo, lacandola, lacandula, dula - torre  and many others revolving around the root word “dula”. During the intense persecution of the Spaniards on the native aristocracy, some descendants have to disregard the “dula” root word and adopted totally different native sounding surnames for disguise, like magsaysay, lontoc, agbayani, acuna, salonga, gatchalian, bacani, macapagal, guingona, gatpandan, pangilinan, sumuroy, dagohoy, kalaw, salalima, soliman, pilapil, mabini, pagdanganan, macalintal, angara, bamba, datumanong,  panganiban, katigbak, macarambon, sakay, aglipay, kasilag, salamat, karingal, kiram, daza, lacanilao, lacanlale, gatchalian,  manalo, lagumbay, tamano, ilagan, bunye, pangandaman, maliksi, silang, badoy, puno, lapid, ziga, nalupta, binay, gatbonton, sinsuat, capulong, puyat, gatmaitan, macuja, dagami, ablan, capinpin, punongbayan, madlangbayan, gatlabayan, batungbakal, cabangbang, sumulong, gustilio, calungsod, capangoy, kapunan, etc, but continued fighting for the liberation of  the natives from Spain. Some of the descendents hid their Lakan Dula heritage by changing their names into the likes of  guevara,  aguinaldo, legaspi, aquino, mendoza, osmena, de Leon, estanislao, laurel, fernando, ejercito, delapaz, mercado, santos, bonifacio, de guzman, etc, while some adopted chinese surnames of their mother like lim, uy, go, tan, etc, but they continued to pursue a belligerant posture against Spain.

CDM Foundation in action...........

Descendants of Lakan Dula: CDM Foun dation President Toti Dulay was invited as a witness to the graduation of Fr. Blas Dula Lagrimas, as a priest at the Recoletos School of Theology. Fr. Blas is one of the Descendants of Lakan Dula. I am happy and relieved. Happy because our family has produced another priest. Relieved because our regular financial assistant to his studies will be over and channel them to other people who may need assistance. Thanks God for everything.

Fr. Blas Dula Lag rimas, just finished priest hood.He wants to pursue his masteral.The Dulay Family will continue supporting him. I requested him however to make his masteral thesis about the evangelization of Lakan Dula and his descendants. Was he baptized into Catholicsm? Is there a baptismal certificate to show? If yes, what was the Christian name he used? What is the history of Isla de Batag and Candawid in Samar and Samara, in Aringay. What was the name of the son of David Dula y Goiti who left Candawid in Samar, and married a pretty girl from La Union which started the Dulay Clan in Samara, Aringay and spread out to became the Dulay of the north.
DESCENDANTS OF LAKAN DULA: Fr. Blas Dula Lagrimas is explai ning to Prof. Toti Dulay his initial indings about his Masteral Thesis in San Sebastian about the "Evangelization of the Descendants of Lakan Dula". Fr. Lagrimas has been supported by the CDM Foundation on his study of priesthood and now, masteral degree. One of his findings is that former Mayor Hilario Dulay, father of Mayor Eleuterio Dulay of Laoang, Northern Samar inherited tracts of land from the estate of David Dula y Goiti in Candawid (Kan David), Isla de Batag, Laoang, but he gave it back to the estate later controlled by the the family of Candawid Barangay Kap.Macario Dulay. David Dula y Goiti is a grandson of Lakan Dula and the financier of the Sumuroy Revolt. This is a proof that the Dulay of Laoang, Samar all came from Candawid. Another findings is that Lakan Dula of Tondo is different from Carlos Lacandola of Arayat, Pampanga, because they have a different set of children. Carlos Lacandola is the great great grandfather of PGMA.

Copies of the book on Lakan Dula is available at the CDM Foundation office at the Dulay ancestral house for the  members of the Dulay Clan who visits their ancestral house.
Revisons will be done defending on the findings of Fr. Blas Dula Lagrimas.


The CDM Foundation will help you review your family history and accredit it if its within the Lakan Dula Kingdom. If the family history does not seem to be related with the kingdom, our clan historians will suggest further research. Once your history was declared accurate or logically probable, it will be included in the central files of family histories of the Lakan Dula Kingdom.


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