True Ghost Story

Pam Myers - 10.31.2010

We had moved into this apartment on October, 31, 2006. We had one of those stuffed toys, the one with two bears and when you pushed the paw it would sing. The song was” I've Got You Babe”, by Sonny and Cher. Anyway, we had set it on the floor. When we came into the Apartment and walked away to bring thing's in, all of a sudden it started playing like somebody had pushed the paw and then walked away, but nobody was near it. We looked at each other and asked if anybody had touched the paw.  We all said no.

      So, then after we got things all settled and put away, my husband and I sat on the couch to watch television. My daughter came out of her room and asked if I had called her name.  I said no that I had not. She then went back into her bedroom. That's practically where she hibernated because her and my husband hardly got along. When she went back to her room, she had left her bedroom door slightly open and was watching T.V.  Then she heard a knock on her bedroom wall like the sound you would hear when somebody was knocking on your door, but the sound came from behind her from the bathroom wall. She looked and saw her bedroom door was wide open, and came out and asked if we went to the bathroom and knocked on her wall, or had opened her door.  We all said no.

  Things had quit for a while, then I had bought my daughter a digital camera for a Christmas present.  Her boyfriend had come over for a visit and they were in her bedroom  discussing whether when it comes their time to die if they would want to know right away, or would they want it to be a surprise. My daughter then had the urge to take a photo of her boyfriend.  Instead of taking the picture normally,  putting the camera in front of your eyes, she held the camera up above her head and snapped the button.  When she looked at the photo and had thought that the camera was broken.  So, her boyfriend had took the camera from her and looked at it.  He saw that there was a woman's face next to his. (See Pam’s photo’s of this in the Photo Gallery)  They had brought the camera out to me when I was sitting on the couch watching T.V.  They said that there was a woman's face next to her boyfriend.  I said, “ Yeah, right.” So, I looked at it and sure enough there was.  I took out the memory card and put it into my photo printer and printed it. Then we enlarged it two more times so that we could see the detail's of her face.

   A couple of days later, my stepson had bought the CD “Soulja Boy Tell'em - Crank That”, and had listened to it. The next day nobody was in his room and all of a sudden his stereo came on all by itself with that song playing and the volume got higher and higher. He turned it off and we walked into the living room and sat down.  Then his stereo came on again really loud and we walked down the hallway to his room, and when we got next to his door the stereo turned off.  We went back into the living room and it came on again. We went back and forth from his bedroom to the living room for a couple of hours.

    We lived in a duplex, so we had told our neighbor's, two Women and three children, that hadn’t lived there but a few months, what was going on in our apartment. Then they told us that their five year old boy would not go into their bathroom because there was a lady in there that didn’t like him, and that their CD player comes on by itself, and their kitchen drawers open and shut by themselve's.

  For one month straight my daughter's twin boys had gone to bed and at 4:00 am every morning, the youngest one would wake up with a blood curdling scream, like a ghost was terrorizing him.  When we walked into their bedroom he would stop crying like nothing had happened.  A day or two later, me and my daughter was at the kitchen table eating dinner , my stepson was on the loveseat, and my husband was in the kitchen fixing his plate. My stereo in the living room came on and the volume kept turning up louder and louder.  My husband went and turned it off and when he did, my stepson's stereo turned on by itself, so he went and turned it off and came back to the loveseat.  My daughter looked at me and said, “ I Wonder.”   As soon as she opened her door her stereo turned on with the volume turning up, so she turned hers off.  Everyday, my stepson's stereo would turn on with the volume getting louder and louder.

   Another time me and my husband were sitting on the couch watching T.V., and I had stretched my legs across my husband's lap.  I had my socks off and all of a sudden I felt two fingers go down my foot from my toes to my heel. I said, “ Stop that!”, thinking it was my husband because we had a blanket over my legs.  Then I looked at my husband and he had fallen asleep because he was tired from work.  I continued to watch T.V. and it happened again.  I lifted up the blanket and saw that my husband had his finger's intertwined so he didn't do it.

   Then another time my husband had went to bed and as he was laying down I went in to have a cigarette because we didn't smoke around the boys.  I got done smoking then went to watch T.V again. T Two hours later my husband came out and said,” How come you got in bed with me and then came back in here?”  I told him that he must be crazy because I hadn't been in the bedroom since I went in there when he laid down. Then I said, “Maybe it was our little friend. She probably like's you.”  After that my husband had gone into our bedroom to take a shower.  I went to sit on the bed to have a cigarette and my daughter  had came with me to have one.  She had sat on the floor next to the bed. My stepson came in to ask his dad a question and found that he was taking a shower, so he went out of the bedroom and left my door wide open.  My daughter had crawled over to the door and barely pushed the door shut.  The knives that my husband had hanging on the wall, there was 15 in all, came flying towards her, and thank God that she moved in time, because they would have got her. Instead of them going straight down, they went towards her. Then we looked at each other.

    Still all this time my stepson's stereo would still come on with the loud Volume.  A day after that my stepson was in his bedroom and my daughter went in to keep him company. She sat on his bed while he sat down below his entertainment center working on one of his speakers.  He had a ceramic dragon sitting on the entertainment center, not even close to the edge.  My daughter watched as the dragon was getting closer to the edge, fell off and hit him on the top of his head. We are glad that it didn't split his head open.

  Then, maybe a day or two after that, me and my daughter was sitting at the kitchen table. Our couch sat in front of it long ways and my stepson turned around and asked us if we had just slapped him in the head.  Of Course, we said no. We had decided to give our friend a name, so we called her Maria. Then we said, ”Maria don’t like you.”

  Now we don’t know why this is all happening, so I wanted to go down to our local newspaper to see if they would put the photo that we had in the paper, so that maybe somebody might recognize her, but they heard our story and said that they wanted to do a Halloween story on us. They came out and did an interview,  but of Course nothing happened. I was hoping that the stereo would come on, but no, our friend waited until the news people had left.  The article came out a day before Halloween. When I was decorating outside, there goes the stereo again full volume. We had got a phone call from the newspaper people that did our story and told us that there was a lady that wanted to talk to us concerning our article in the paper.  I called and she said that the people that lived there before us had a little girl about five years old.  The little girl would always talk up a storm, but before they moved the little girl wouldn't talk anymore and nobody knows why.

   When it came Halloween Night we had all kinds of people coming over and asking if this was the haunted house. We told them it was and showed them the photo of our ghost.  Then, November 2007, Thanksgiving, my daughter had already broken up with her boyfriend that was in the photo, so just a friend showed up because he didn't have Thanksgiving Dinner at his mom's, because they were fighting.  We invited him to join us.  As he was eating, my stepson's stereo came on, as always volume blaring and he got a little freaked out about it.  We told him not to worry,  it's only Maria up to her tricks. After that, me and my husband was not getting along due to his son, so I had told him that I wanted a divorce.  We got our income tax, split it, and he and his son found a new place.  Me,  my daughter, and her twin boys found a place.  My son wanted to help me out, so he went back to that apartment to finish cleaning.  I had forgot my large mirror that was leaning up against the wall. My son had turned around to do something and the mirror went flying across the room. It freaked him out a little, but he did know that we had a spirit, because there were times he had come over and my stepson's stereo would come on by itself and when he walked to the room it would turn off again. Each time he would go towards the bedroom, it would turn off and on.....