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The explanation for the physical structure of the Universe – its origin and history – grows directly out of one’s worldview. We see why the ‘war of the worldviews’ has only two sides in the battle when we reduce the problem to its fundamental level.

The equation is simple: mind then matter versus matter then mind. In other words: did the power of mind exist before matter or did the power of mind come after matter?

Did a cosmic mind give birth to matter? Is there such an entity as a ‘cosmic’ mind? Or is there only the animal mind growing out of the energy inherent in pre-existing matter?

One question: two answers. One correct answer, and one that is incorrect. The question itself contains the answer when we consider the nature of mind contrasted with the nature of matter.

In our common experience, what entity do we find has the power to create: mind or matter? The answer is obvious to all but the willfully ignorant.

You sing a song. What is the force that gave birth to the music? Was the song created by air from lungs exhaling through a larynx and mouth? Did the melody arise from matter?

Or is the brain/body physiology only the medium for the expression of an impulse arising from the invisible mental realm?

Anyone with half a brain must admit that music, and every creative impulse, is born from the power of mind. All human constructions exist only because of intelligent design by a mind.

You decide to pick up a pencil. The task is accomplished with the brain working together with the arm and hand. Are the hand, arm and brain responsible for this manipulation of matter: or is your mind the ultimate  first cause?

 Obviously, you making a decision to act caused matter to be moved. And who are you? Are you your arm? No. Remove your arm and you are still you.

You can keep removing parts of your body but you will never diminish who you are because you are not your body.

Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, Psychedelic and Religious Events, and After Death Experiences all confirm beyond all doubt for everyone who has undergone initiation into the spiritual world that you are separate from your body.

The brain is the organ you use to communicate with your body, and bodily experiences do affect the mind: but the big ‘secret’ of the mind and the spiritual world (which is really not so secret anymore) is that the mental, or spiritual, is entirely independent of the physical.

Can we not then extrapolate this observation into a valid principle: that mind shapes matter and not the other way around?

Therefore, that matter itself must have been shaped – and ultimately created - from mind?

Leaving aside for the moment the nature of the force we call mind, we can at least agree that mind is a force. 

Matter and energy are interchangeable aspects of the same substance, but can either be called a force in the same way that mind with the power of spontaneous generation of mental and physical impulse can be called a force?

We can say that the spiritualist chooses to ‘worship’ the power of mind while the materialist chooses to worship the power of matter. The materialist – arbitrarily ruling out the possibility that mind existed before matter – has no choice but to attribute to inert matter all the power that we normally associate with the mind.

No materialist scientist or philosopher can convincingly explain how matter can create itself from nothing or how matter can create mind.

Spiritualists, of course, also can’t explain how mind can create matter – but at least that process is plausible because it is based on science – the observation of how things work in the real world where we witness mind shaping matter and controlling energy every day!

The idea that matter can create mind, on the other hand, is purely an idea with no evidence to give it credence.

It is an assumption that “must be true” since the materialist Universe is essentially one where the power of mind has been eliminated or drastically reduced, and the power of matter has been increased beyond reason.

This part of the materialist argument is often not appreciated by the average person listening to an atheistic scientist explaining his or her philosophy. The irony is delicious.

In essence, an atheist uses the power of mind to argue that mind doesn’t exist!

The atheist argues that the cosmic mind as well as the human mind are illusions. No cosmic mind created the human mind: it was created by matter through a process that did not use design or intelligence. No cosmic mind created matter: it created itself.

No intelligent agent created the design we seem to find everywhere in matter and in mind. The foundational materialist argument upon which their whole worldview rests is that there really is no intelligence, design – or mind!

They are all beautiful illusions created from the power of matter itself. Random ‘forces of nature’ not directed toward any ultimate goal have the power to mimic what appears to be the intelligent creation from a mind.

This is what atheists, materialists and evolutionists believe.

Let us temporarily concede this argument in order to make our point: what appears to be a Universe constructed with intelligent design is merely an illusion formulated from random chaos.

All animals and indeed all matter is the result of pure accident. The human physical body is an animal in essence no different than a single-celled creature wriggling in the water. The creative power of the human mind is the electrical by-product of brain chemistry.

The evolution from the atomic to the chemical to the animal to the thinking man of today making his argument to the skeptical listener happened with no guiding purpose and has no inherent meaning.

Can a person holding such a worldview then honestly claim with a straight face that we should give any weight whatsoever to the stream of words issuing from an evolutionary mouth?

The human voice  - whether song or speech - is simply modulated breath: animal sounds inherently no different than the bark of a dog or the croak of a frog. Ultimately, it is not communication through sound or even language that makes humans unique. Many other species communicate in a language using sound.

It is the use of symbolic soundwords – that is uniquely human.

But what law of evolution allows symbolic sounds from any animal to be elevated above the ‘verbal’ language of another species?

Evolutionists cannot claim that man is an animal in essence no different from any other (only in degree) and at the same time arbitrarily declare that the musical musings from the mind of one particular animal somehow contains significance beyond common biological and social requirements!

That is to say, our most sophisticated abstract thinking expressed acoustically or graphically can have no meaning beyond a few basic animal needs. Danger! Here I am! I’m Hungry! Stay out of my territory! Stay away from my children! I’m horny and ready for sex!

These are the kinds of things the other animals talk about. What law of evolution bestows meaning beyond this type of speech to human language? What law of evolution elevates the ‘philosophy’ of a human over that of a horse?

Words can have no meaning in a universe without meaning.


As you’ve probably guessed by now, this author does not reside in the crazy camp of the people I call “evolutionaries.” I believe that mind existed before matter and that the Universe contains meaning in every molecule.

I can and do claim that the words from my mouth and the meditations from my heart contain a mysterious quality that we call meaning or truth. I myself don’t possess this truth: it is a principle outside myself independent of anything I might do or say.

Thus, my words can at best reflect some of this truth and point in the direction where greater amounts of truth are to be found.

On the other hand, an evolutionary lives in a Universe that by their own admission has no meaning. Yet they expect the rest of us to take their pronouncements about the Universe seriously – this from an animal with nonsense spewing out from a hole in their face!

They assert that there is a mathematical but not a moral structure to the Universe. They seek to discover the identity of the non-moral, non-intelligent force that created the complex order of the Universe.  

According to the evolutionary worldview, a human animal possesses nothing that gives any human enterprise a character different from a paramecium or a parrot.

By the standards of their own worldview, equations on the chalkboard - or anything else they say in non-mathematical language - can encode no meaningful order

. . . in a Universe that has no meaningful order.






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