9. The Origin of Living Buddha Lian Shen`s Foundation

1. The Origin of Living Buddha Lian Shen`s Foundation

MahavairocanaCundi Boddhisattva (Mother of All Buddhas) -Mahapadmakumara- Living Buddha Lian Shen

2. The Lineage of Living Buddha Lian Shen

Buddha Shakyamuni-Amitabha Buddha-Bodhisattva Maitreya - Guru master Padmasambhava - Living Buddha Lian Shen

3. The Lineage of Disciples Taken Refuge

Just write your religious name below that of Living Buddha Lian Shen. It will be a great merit and a magnificient causation indeed if you take refuge.

4. Living Buddha Lian Shen has personally witnessed:

The gathering of Buddhas at the Western Lotus Pond. He is the white saint of the 18 Lotus Youths (Padmakumara) of the Maha DoubleLotus Pond coming to this world. He is also known as the Holy Red Crown Vajra guru, the secret master of Vajra Esoteric realm,

Ling Xian True Buddha School `Da Chi Ming` the First, Master Lu Sheng Yen, the Saint of Esoteric Practise.

5. Other Honorary Titles of Living Buddha Lian Shen

i. Taoism Green Castle Cect the Fifteenth Generation disciple Rev. Xuan He, Lu Sheng Yen the Genuine.

ii. Esoteric Holy Red Crown Vajra guru Lian Shen the Saint.

6. To date he has twenty one teachers altogether - among them:

i. Master Three-Peaks-Nine-States (reincarnation of an old Buddha)

ii. Taoism Green Castle Sect Rev. Qing Zhen.

iii. Dian Te Sect Master Xiao Chang Ming

iv. Mahayana school

Zong Chi Sect Guru Pu Fang Red Sect Guru master Padmasambhava (Amitabha Buddha Avalokitesvara Shakyamuni, the Vajra reincarnation of body, speech and mind)

White Sect Dharma King Da-Pao Da-Xi-Tu-Pa the Saint

Yellow Sect Guru Du-teng-da-ji

Flower sect Lama Sa-pa-zheng-kong etc.

7. The lineage is very important for the esoteric school of Buddhism. The guru has three types of lineage:

i. Long lineage from Vajra Buddha through the past masters and passed to the guru.

ii. Short lineage from the original statue of Buddha to the guru directly.

iii.Venerated lineage taught specially to the guru by earth, water,fire, air and space.

8. Because Living Buddha Lian Shen received the Long Lineage from the Yellow and White Sects, Short Lineage from the Flower Sect and the Venerated Lineage from the Red Sect, therefore True Buddha School has obtained a genuine lineage from all the true Esoteric dharma.

9. Religious experience that Living Buddha Lian Shen has:

i. Christianity

ii. Taoism

iii. Mahayana school of Buddhism

iv Esoteric school of Buddhism

10. All the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas from the ten directions in the past life, present life, and future life collectively certify that `Vajra Guru - Holy Red Crown Master Lu Sheng Yen Lian Shen the Saint` is a Vajra guru of Ten Virtues:

i. Understands the Mahayana and Esoteric doctrines.

ii. Possesses Three Kinds of Wisdom.

iii. Has attained Realisation and has attained Supreme Spiritual Powers.

iv. Has the perseverance to see things through.

v. Commits no mistake on the sequence of the dharma.

vi. Does everything for the benefit of sentient beings.

vii. Complies with all the doctrines of Buddhism.

viii. Has mastered all the Buddhist sutras.

viv. Has the most profound level of wisdom.

x. Has attained Realisation through practice.