...on the road again

Supernatural on the CW

Important Update!!!


Undoubtedly the star of Supernatural's season 1, the iconic vehicle formally owned by John Winchester will be returning to television screens across the world later this year!

Last seen abandoned in Lincoln (in the episode Salvation), the new as-yet-untitled show will follow the truck as it is bought by unsuspecting college student Kyle Russell (rumored to be played by Disney favourite Zac Effron), who gets more than he bargained for when he discovers the secret weapons stash in the back.  The pilot episode will see the introduction of a recurring character known ominously as "Commando" (played by James L. Norton). Jamie Lynn Spears is also rumored to be in talks to play Kyle's love interest, Lena, in the show.

Unconfirmed reports state that Supernatural creator Eric Kripke will take a backseat (no pun intended!) in this new show and will instead hand over control to writer and co-executive producer Ben Edlund.