Truck Seat Foam

    seat foam
  • Flexible polyurethane foam used for seat cushions.
  • A railroad vehicle for carrying freight, esp. a small open one
  • hand truck: a handcart that has a frame with two low wheels and a ledge at the bottom and handles at the top; used to move crates or other heavy objects
  • an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling
  • convey (goods etc.) by truck; "truck fresh vegetables across the mountains"
  • A wheeled vehicle, in particular
  • A large, heavy motor vehicle, used for transporting goods, materials, or troops
truck seat foam
truck seat foam - USA GEAR
USA GEAR Portable Friction Dashboard Car Mount & Cradle for SELECT Magellan RoadMate , Garmin Nüvi , and TomTom 3.5-inch , 4.3-inch and 5-inch GPS units
USA GEAR Portable Friction Dashboard Car Mount & Cradle for SELECT Magellan RoadMate , Garmin Nüvi , and TomTom 3.5-inch , 4.3-inch and 5-inch GPS units
Fully Adjustable Design
The AutoDASHMOUNT comes packaged with an adjustable Pivot-Neck and a fully articulating mount to securely display your device no matter what angle you prefer! The mount arms have a 3-axis adjusting design to fit a range of devices in various thickness, width, height and weight. The Pivot-Neck supports 360 degree rotating views so you can always get the perfect viewing angle
Quick & Easy Setup
The AutoDASHMOUNT sets up in seconds! The neck is already secured to the base weight, while the mount slides onto the top of the neck. When not in use, the AutoDASHMOUNT can be broken down in seconds and stowed away under your seat or in a case.
Secure Protection
The bottom of the base weight is coated in a non-slip, friction grip rubber that ensures secure mounting even when breaking and taking sharp turns. Convenient temporary solution that leaves no residue and does not require a formal installation. The mount also has scratch-resistant foam padding on its locking arms to give padded protection to your device.
Works with: 3.5" , 4.7" and 5.0" GPS Units
1700 / 1475T / 1470 / 1470 / 1445T / 1440 / 1430 / 1424 / 1420 / SE4 / 1412 / 1400 / 1340 / 1220 / 1212 / 1210 / 1200 / 2035 / 2036 / 2045 / 3045 / 3055 / 3065 / 5045 / 4700 / 4370 / 4350 / 5310 / 4250 / 4220 / 5045LM / 5045 /
TomTom 30S / 330S / 335TM / 340S / 340TM / 340M / 540S / 540M / 540T / 540TM / 550TM 630 / 730 / 740TM / 1505T / 1535TM / 1435TM / 2405TM / 2505TM
Garmin 40LM / 50LM / 250 / 255 / 260W / 265 / 710 / 750 / 765 / 1300T / 1300 / 1350 / 1390LMT / 1450 / 1450LMT / 1490LMT / 1490 / 1505TM / 2460LMT / 2555LMT / 2595LMT / 5000
...and many more!

Scania P 380 cp31
Scania P 380 cp31
This truck have seats for 5 smokedivers + 2in front and holds 3000 liters of water and also holds 150 liters of foam.
Truck Cab Interior, Antelope Island
Truck Cab Interior, Antelope Island
Interior of an abandoned 1948 Dodge B-Series Pickup at Fielding Garr Ranch, Antelope Island.
truck seat foam
truck seat foam
Evaluation of Driver Fatigue on Truck Seats: Comparison of Air-Inflated and Foam Seat Cushions During Field Testing
This study conducted a series of road tests in the regular fleet operations of a freight shipping service to better understand the relationship between vehicle seat design and driver fatigue, improve two newly proposed objective methods for evaluating driver fatigue, and provide design guidelines for evaluating and improving vehicle seat characteristics in terms of driver fatigue. Based on these results, we find that air-inflated seat cushions have advantages in terms of subjective measures of comfort, support, and fatigue. We show that the objective measure aPcrms highlights characteristic differences between seat cushions, as the air-inflated seat cushion provides less area in high pressure regions, thus occluding less blood flow to tissue in the seated area. This characteristic difference between seat cushions is not highlighted by using previously existing objective measures. This suggests aPcrms is a useful measure and should be considered when evaluating the subjective quality of seat cushion designs under dynamic conditions, such as those existing in commercial truck driving.