Bernadette "No Trucking Freeway" Keenan, Surrey North Green Party Candidate 2011

Occupy SFPR - Occupy the Freeway June 30 - July 1st
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It's official - Green Party Candidate for Surrey North is Bernadette Keenan - Nomination Confirmed on April 6th
Now just need a volunteer to update this site, some to do doorknocking, phone canvassing, etc. 

For signs, to donate and to volunteer call 778-867-6115 or email
also check out and click your riding for more candidate information

Burns Bog Conservation Society gets Legal Opinion Favoring Dispute Resolution

Take a few minutes to send a letter or e-mail to Delta Mayor and Council
asking them to accept the legal opinion and invoke the dispute resolution! 
If we can stop the South Fraser Freeway at one location we can stop it all along the route. 

Vote Yes BC-STV - Power up your vote! |

May 2009 Provincial Surrey Whalley Green Candidate  

In Surrey Whalley I am the only candidate who supports Tranist Now as opposed to proceeding with Gateway and the South Fraser Freeway and we are very directly impacted by these projects.   

I need volunteers to help spread this message so that every vote I get shows whoever gets elected (if by some fluke it isn't me) there are a lot of people here who support Transit first before freeways, bridges whatever...

If you can spare an hour or more, in the next few days to hand out leaflets door to door or at the sky train it would be a huge help. Could also use some help cutting up the leaflets .... Staples was supposed to do it and then decided they couldn't....

Call 778-867-6115 if you are able to volunteer and whoever you vote for make sure to vote for BC STV. If we had that for the last election, chances are we would not have this Gateway mess at all.  Please watch the following video  Christy Clark speaks out for BC STV

Endorsed by Mayoral Candidate Murray Weisenberger

Launches Grassroots Initiative - Bus Stop Lawn Chairs - see Events

Endorsed by Rail to the Valley as a Strong Candidate (Municipal)

Stephen Rees in Bridgeview

Check out the Boxing Day Snowman Party - Pictures and Story Below

A Voice for Surrey   

Hi Surrey Friends and Neighbors,


My name is Bernadette Keenan and I live in Bridgeview in North Surrey.  I am listening and working for you.   As your MLA, I will continue listening to local businesses, community groups and citizens and working for all of Surrey. 


Let me share my background and experience:


North Surrey resident -Bridgeview homeowner for 16 years Registered Building Official (RBO) and Building Officials Association of BC Member since 1992
 Municipal Employee and Union member, for over 20 years Green Roof Task Force: - Regulatory issues at BCIT Green Roof Research Centre
 Commuter Challenge Departmental Coordinator (long term) and one-time winner "Most unusual Commute" Employee Bike Program (informal) participant and facilitator since 1997; committee member to implement Formal Employee Bike Program (City Center Commutes) - 2008

Why am I running?


I'm Bernadette "No Trucking Freeway" Keenan, and I'm concerned about the South Fraser Freeway which will mean eight lanes of pavement half a block from our neighborhood school. 


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. 

In the past Freeway construction not relieved traffic congestion, it has only resulted in more congestion.  Think of the Alex Fraser Bridge.


Let's stop the insanity, try something different, Transit First!

  • Interurban Rail line to Chilliwack,
  • bike route expansions
  • more buses now including over the Port Mann. 

Funding for these transportation initiatives would only cost a few hundred million dollars, but in this shaky economic climate, the provincial government is starting to spend billions, that's thousands of millions of dollars on the Gateway Project and the South Fraser Freeway instead.


Studies show Gateway and the Freeway will cause:


- environmental destruction,

- loss of waterfront access,

- health problems and


Gateway and the South Fraser Freeway are economically irresponsible since building freeways comes with a high price tag and experience has shown it does not work.  We will still have traffic congestion and the money needed for social programs like hospital expansion will all be spent.


Let's try Transit First!!!  Transit expansion is being planned anyway, so why wait?  Let's start with Transit First, the most economical option and then evaluate the need for the South Fraser Freeway and Gateway.  We won't need them.


The money we save will free up tax dollars for other important social justice and environmental priorities:


- new hospitals and health care

- schools and education

- addiction treatment,

- youth asset-building programs to reduce crime,

- expanding daycares,

- women's centers

- poverty reduction and

- waste management through recycling initiatives.


The land set aside for the Freeway could be developed with more sustainable development such as mixed use multi-family residential / commercial, affordable housing, community gardens, artist live work studios etc.  Bridgeview would be Surrey's own Granville Island or Westminster Quay.  Instead of money coming in one end of Surrey and going out the other on a "Trucking Freeway", money and financial benefits would come to Surrey to stay.   

Thank you for visiting my page and remember to Vote Yes for BC-STV. 

For more about Gateway visit , and 

Bernadette Keenan,
Dec 30, 2008, 11:01 PM
Bernadette Keenan,
Dec 30, 2008, 11:01 PM
Bernadette Keenan,
Dec 30, 2008, 11:01 PM
Bernadette Keenan,
Dec 30, 2008, 11:02 PM