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News: Extreme Galactic Combat Update Notes

posted Sep 13, 2008, 9:47 PM by trubsee ‎(trubby)‎   [ updated Jan 25, 2009, 6:05 PM ]
I am postponing the python single player option and giving the whole game a makeover. I will now change from the simple pixel graphics to proper images and sprites. At the moment some of the sprites aren't coming out well but that can be combatted with some Photoshopping. I have also decided to increase run speed by moving images outside the screen rather than reloding them every time. This will increase the initial run speed though and I haven't moved some of the text. I am also doing some tricky things with the menu, but I won't bore you with their details. At the moment Highscores is also disabled because of this but soon I will make everything moved. I have also added an options button to the menu which will in turn give you music, graphics and control options. It is disabled also and I will add an options bar to Battle soon. Finally, I have taken inspiration from a game tutorial to instead of deleting the spaceships and reloding them, but moving them to the spawn point.
Some additional upcoming ideas for Battle:
  1. Temporary invincibility after respawning
  2. Choose arena
  3. Choose what upgrades are available
  4. Choose your ship
  5. Random respawn point
  6. Environment; Black Holes, Meteor Showers, Exploding Stars, Rogue Spacecraft

Here is a sneak peak of some of the images:

New centre object

Edited from Pixel Hive Design( 08/30/2007), Blood Moon Fantasy Art and Planetary Effects, from Tutorial Quest, viewed 15 September at http://www.tutorialquest.com/view_tutorial/blood-moon-fantasy-art-and-planetary-effects

New Menu background
Edited from Michalczyk D, Concept Gallery: Image: North Corridor, from eon works, viewed 18 September at http://www.art.eonworks.com/gallery/concept/3D_concept_artist-200204.html

New button
Edited from Michalczyk D, Texture Gallery: Image: Wall 16, from eon works, viewed 18 September at http://www.art.eonworks.com/gallery/texture/sci-fi_texture-200049.html

New crate; Note that this crate is for special items which will soon be another addition

Unfortunately I cannot find the website for the crate again. If anyone does please notify me with the details.

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