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For Trans* People: Community Education

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Campus Resources

University of Maryland, College Park: LGBTQA Resources Video. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Equity Center at the University of Maryland presents a video about a few of the LGBTQA resources and involvement opportunities on campus. Run time - 5:34, posted Sept. 2012. Watch online at

Health & Wellness

Health Matters: Transgender Women's Health.  Dr. Connie Webster of the Department of Nursing and Health Professions at the University of the District of Columbia and host for Health Matters interviews Dr. Ayana Elliott. Run time - 28:02, posted Jan. 25, 2014. Watch online at

Safer Sex for Trans Guys. This fun, corny, and accurate safer sex video was produced by trans guys for trans guys. Run time – 5:50. Watch online at