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Tear Ring Saga Yutona Eiyū Senki (ティアリングサーガ ユトナ英雄戦記, tia ringu sāga yutona eiyū senki, lit. "Tear Ring Saga Yutona's Hero Quest") is a tactical role-playing game developed by Tirnanog, a development studio started by Shouzou Kaga, the creator of the Fire Emblem series.

If you have any questions about this project, please email me at foxstar74 [AT] gmail [dot] com


Recent Announcements

  • Plz Report Bugs/ Translation errors here https://code.google.com/p/tear-ring-saga-english/  Please report bugs and translation errors on our Google Code page under "Issues"
    Posted Jul 27, 2012, 11:10 PM by Fox Star74
  • Patch release v0.8- First public release Check the following link to download the patch, or click on this announcement and find the file attached. http://www.ayashii.com/blog/ayashii-gamesubs.html  IMPORTANT NOTE: USE THIS PATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is a reason this patch is v0.8. This patch has not been beta-tested, nor has the editing process fully been completed. We could wait another, I dunno, another 2 years for enough editors to polish the translation in the spare time, but by then it will be 2014 and anyone who has been waiting on this project has waited long enough. PLEASE NOTE: the later half of the game was translated with many hours of good effort by somebody who is fluent ...
    Posted Jul 21, 2012, 7:58 PM by Fox Star74
  • One year later, lots achieved but still need editors :) So just thought I'd post a quick update as it has been more than a year. We've gotten lots of files edited over the past year thanks to many of our hardworking volunteer editors! However, there's still quite a few of Runan's translations that we need to finish editing, so if any editors who know Japanese can help edit Runan's translations, that would be AWESOME! Here's to hoping we can get this thing finally fully edited soon enough.
    Posted Apr 24, 2012, 12:17 AM by Fox Star74
  • Desperately in need of editors We are currently in need of dedicated and passionate editors who are familiar with Fire Emblem lingo, and hopefully can understand Japanese to read over and check the translations. Already several people have expressed interest but more help is always appreciated, as everybody gets busy from time to time. Please email me at foxstar74 [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks for your time!
    Posted Apr 12, 2011, 2:08 PM by Fox Star74
  • First pass translation complete! Breaking news update: Runan has just finished the first pass translation of Tear Ring Saga!!! Thanks to everybody involved for such a tremendous job well-done! We are now entering the editing phase, two editors have expressed interest (VincentASM and kutsurogu), so hopefully we will get the ball rolling on this soon enough. As I declared in a previous post, I believe Tear Ring Saga translation project is no longer a question of if, but when. :)Look forward to future announcements as the project takes steps closer towards completion. As monumental as this step may be, there are still many more steps that need to be taken (editing, beta testing, patch making). The release date for the patch can not ...
    Posted Jan 27, 2011, 11:14 PM by Fox Star74
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Project Credits

Hacking and project start: alamone
Old translation (files that have not been uploaded yet to this page): Firelizard
New Translation (continued off from where Firelizard left off): Eien ni Hen, akage, sumi, Oboro, Runan
Additional Hacking: LKhoa
Additional recruitment: FoxStar

Script Translation Tutorial

# = ignore the rest of the line (i.e. a comment)
<brackets>: = control-codes.
<\n> = a forced linebreak.

Tutorial on how to translate using new method:

Step 1) Look at the text, like below. You will see a "first set" with # in front, meaning the game will ignore this text. You will see a "second set" with the exact same text, but no #, meaning the game WILL insert this text.
#やっぱりあなただったの ね……<wait><clear>

<0x5A=1E01><0x54>ジーク……& amp; lt;wait><\n>

Step 2) Translate all lines that do NOT have a # in front. If there is a # at the beginning of the line, ignore that line and don't translate it, it's just there for reference.
#<0x5A=1E01>< 0x54>ジーク……<wait><\n>
#やっぱりあなただったの ね……<wait><clear>

It's really you...<wait><clear>

Step 3) Inserting translator notes: Type any notes you would like as ##hi this is my note. followed by a short signature to indicate who made the note, i.e. -fs74
#<0x5A=1E01>< 0x54>ジーク……<wait><\n>
#やっぱりあなただったの ね……<wait><clear>

It's really you...<wait><clear>
##is it Zeek or Sieg? - fs74

I've tried to make things as convenient as possible for translators, but also as convenient as possible for hackers. If things go according to this format, then these scripts can be inserted as-is into the game. All that would need to be done would be editing to make sure the lines don't spill off to the right side of the screen.

Script Editing Tutorial

Editing guidelines (adapted from the Love Plus translation editing methods)

-Japanese style punctuation should not be used, no double byte letters for periods, commas, contractions, other punctuation, etc. Use single byte ascii for anything translated to English
-Be careful to always close script commands with >, sometimes I saw stuff like <clear which would cause the script inserter to complain or crash
-Don't put comments after the final <0x00> at the end of the file, it causes the script inserter to crash. Put general comments at the TOP of the file instead
  • You can edit the text directly in the document.
  • For each editor, you can pick your highlight color, or text color. When you edit anything, just highlight or change text color to the one you picked. You can type your name at the beginning of the file and specify the highlight or text color.
  • Use ## in front of the lines you want to add comments.
  • You can add extra blank lines or add comments wherever you want.
  • KEEP TRANSLATIONS FAMILY FRIENDLY (dastard instead of b*stard, shoot instead of sh*t, darn instead of d*mn, etc.)

##General messages
##Checked by jjjewel
##Checked by ABC
##Check by DEF

(You only need to type your name just one time at the beginning of the file.)

'Morning. Do your best again today, okay?

Good morning. Are you awake?
##Add your comments like this if need be.

'Morning. You have to study hard today, okay?

Any questions? Email me at foxstar74[at]gmail[dot]com

Script Translation


Translation Status

To update the list below with status or translator name, simply click "Edit" to the left hand side of the row you would like to edit. :)

Translation Status

Status Legend:
- This file has been translated in the text file with a first pass translation. Needs to be edited later.
wip- Work in Progress. Being worked on currently by a translator
TL'd on gamefaqs- This file has no translation in the text file, however, the text has been translated in Firelizard's gamefaqs script translation (he translated on there up until Map 16).
incomplete, TL on GF- This file has some translation in the text file but the text file is not completely translated. The rest of the text has been translated in Firelizard's gamefaqs script translation.
edited- After the entire game has gone through a first pass translation, you'll start seeing some of these. :)
done- Self explanatory, and what we're all aiming for! :D
Old Outdated Translation Method
(keeping here for records, not all these translations have been converted to the above method so they will stay here until they are finished converting)
Strikethrough means completely translated. Note that these are not all the text files that need to be translated, there's plenty more. These are the only ones I've (FoxStar) had time to convert to Google Spreadsheets with the proper names to help facilitate translating.

Map Title Translations and Location Names

  • Map 1: Disembarkation at Wellt (Sola Harbor)
  • Map 2: Bandit Suppression (Taurus Village)
  • Map 3: The Encounter (Sola Harbor)
  • Map 4: The Tragic Warriors (Gram Forest)
  • Map 5: Beyond the Legend (Mars Temple)
  • Map 6: The River-Crossing Operation (Wellt Great Bridge)
  • Map 7: Liberation of the Capital (Wellt Royal Palace)
  • Map 8: The Holy Dragon Neulong (Isura Island)
  • Map 9: The Two Paths (Coast of Senay)
  • Map 10: Freedom and Justice (Free City Senay)
  • Map 11: The Mage of Leda (Taurus Cave)
  • Map 12: The Youth from Bullard (Mars Harbor)
  • Map 13: The Sea Serpent of Senay (Western Sea of Senay)
  • Map 14: Holmes the Hero (Town of Oaks)
  • Map 15: The Oasis Town (Bullard)
  • Map 16: Monsters from the Darkness (Memel Cave)
  • Map 17: Warriors of the Grasslands (Selva Grasslands)
  • Map 18: The Black Forest (Baltic Fortress)
  • Map 19: A Chance Encounter (Salia Village)
  • Map 20: The Battle of the Frontier (Leda Valley)
  • Map 21: The Demon Dragon Kranion (Old Castle of Leda)
  • Map 22: Old General Zacharia (Bullard)
  • Map 23: The Maiden's Tears (Old Castle of Salia)
  • Map 24: The River of Leeve (Zemsellia)
  • Map 25: The Desert Storm (Halpha Fortress)
  • Map 26: The Ghost Operation (Razelia)
  • Map 26: The Black Scion (Razelia Mansion)
  • Map 27: The Lion of the Sea (Eastern Sea of Senay)
  • Map 28: The Naval Battle of Granada (Granada Open Sea)
  • Map 29: The Flag of the Sea Lion (Granada)
  • Map 30: The Legendary Swordsman (Yr Village)
  • Map 31: Traitor … (Lost Village)
  • Map 32: The Temple of Salia (Misty Swamp)
  • Map 33: The Holy Sword Salia (Fire Temple)
  • Map 34: All-Out War (South Leeve)
  • Map 35: Julius … (Leeve Royal Palace)
  • Map 36: The Town of Love and Sorrow (Norzeria)
  • Map 37: The Holy Sword Leeve (Water Temple)
  • Map 38: A Vanishing Life (Fire Labyrinth)
  • Map 39: In the Darkness… (Water Labyrinth)
  • Map 40: The Dark God and the Goddess (The Defiled Altar)

Miscellaneous Translation

Image Translation



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