Troy Downtown Parking

What is the future of the Downtown area street parking of Troy Texas? Plans show traffic with four lanes proposed at ground level east/west, under the proposed Interstate overpass, tapering to two lanes on FM 935/Main Street through downtown Troy, to the railroad tracks. It appears that the angled downtown parking will be done away with, being limited to either parallel parking, or no parking at all on Main Street for the downtown merchants customers and vendors. Hopefully, parallel parking will be engineered into the final plans. If no parking is planned, this will negatively impact downtown parking, and will be a permanent issue to downtown property owners, business owners, customers, and vendors. If so, then one immediate solution would be increased useage of the City's downtown public parking lot that is currently available for use behind Troy Ag & Feed Supply. This lot was converted just a few years ago by the forward thinking of the Troy City Council, to a parking lot for the benefit of all downtown merchants and customers, from it's former use as a City water well site in years past. The parking lot is used for downtown parking. The only other alternative is to start demolishing commercial buildings &/or houses to allow for off street parking, as is currently being done.
There is already existing right-of-way, for streets that the City owns north of Main Street that were never developed. Front Street is adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad, following from Main Street to the City's old brush chipping site, and could be developed with an all weather surface to allow more downtown development. Currently the City has a little gravel about half way to the old brush chipping site, and is hardly passable in wet weather. The remainder of Front Street is unimproved with only dirt, the remaining portion of Front Street to the 1.162 acre old brush chipping site.
Once TxDOT converts the east side service road to one-way, customers north of the Shell, will be required to drive north to the Texas-Turnaround at the other planned overpass near the sewer plant and driving back south to the Main Street intersection.
Several downtown buildings are vacant, or under-utilized for their highest and best use. The Chamber of Commerce acquired what some remember as the old feed store, that is used for Troy Market Days. The gray building on I-35 was demolished for a fuel pump and canopy, in conjunction with a convenience store on the first floor of the nearby two-story on the corner of Main Street. All of this traffic will be forced to exit out through the rear alleyway. If no vehicle parking is along Main Street, then any possiblity in the future for retail/commercial sales/service businesses in downtown, will be either be limited, or not economically feasible to locate in downtown, thus reducing economic development of businesses, sales tax, property tax, etc. for the City as a whole.
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