Savage Roar

"Long ago, at the edge of the known world, the last Celtic tribes were fighting for survival..." 

Based loosely on the television show “Roar”, Savage Roar depicts the struggles between Celtic natives of the British Isles and the Roman invaders long ago.


In a campaign true to the television show, players would play Celtic tribesmen, fighting against Romans, quisling Celts, the occasional wild beast, and possibly even mythological threats. The campaign goal could be to unite the disparate native tribes (through diplomacy and/or force) in order to effectively combat the Romans who are trying to gain a secure foothold in the area.


Another option would be to allow the players to play Roman characters, fighting against the savage Celts (and beasts and dragons and what not) in an inhospitable wilderness frontier.


Allowing a mix of Celtic and Roman characters offers several possibilities. The Celts in the group could be siding with the Romans against their fellows. Even more interesting, the Romans in the group could be of the next generation(s) of invaders, born in the Isles and with friends (and even family) amongst the native populace. 


The party would ideally be mixed Romans and Celts, bound together as friends (who grew up together or some such.) This would allow a strong mixture of combat and politics for the campaign, as
well as a lot of interesting character interaction as each could have their own ideas and goals regarding the Roman occupation, the unification of the Celtic tribes, etc.

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