Work With Me

Be willing to work with me on professional development for flipped learning, peer instruction flipped learning,
SMART Board training, and other topics.  See descriptions below.

Just contact me via the email   troy.faulkner

I have been flipping my classroom since 2010 and using peer instruction since 2012.  In 2013 I was trained by Pearson Education to be a facilitator to their professional development course called "Foundations of Flipped Learning".

You may want to check out a list of Presentations that I have spoken at or check out the Media tab for a list of article published, webinars and radio broadcasts that I have done or About tab.

Peer Instruction Flipped Learning   The session covers an indepth discussion of what peer instruction is and looks like in a flipped environment, how to develop/find good peer instruction questions, benefits of peer instruction, and data that show a significant improvement in student learning in a peer instruction environment.

Flipped Learning  This session covers the basics of what flipped learning is, the benefits of flipped learning, how to record a video, FAQ on flipped learning and data that shows an increase student learning in a flipped environment.

Making Interactive Video Lessons  This session discusses the benefits of using engaging video lessons and how to make engaging video lessons.

SMART Notebook Training  This session will be an indepth training on how to use SMART Notebook and various teaching techniques that take advantage of a SMART Board and SMART Notebook.

SMART Notebook Math Tools Addon Training  This session will be a detailed presentation on the different tools of SMART Notebook Math Tools Addon and ideas on how to use those tools in teaching mathematics.