A SMART Board is one of several interactive white boards available.

An interactive white board is basically a large touch screen for your computer.  You can control your computer just by touching your SMART Board.  You can write (using a "pen" or your finger) over or on any application that you are running on your computer.  What you write can be saved on your computer and either printed out for students or uploaded to your web page to be viewed later by your students.  The students can now have an immediate copy of everything that is on the board! You can record your lessons so students can watch your lesson anytime they want.

The SMART Board has a nice, very user friendly program call SMART Notebook.   SMART Notebook is an all in one presentation program.  You can embed videos and music and link to other programs or web pages; it comes with thousands of images and interactive "flash" files in it that you can insert right into your lessons.

The use of a SMART Board makes it easier for students to visualize mathematics or whichever subject you are teaching.

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If you purchase the TI-SmartView (by calling TI costumer service at 1.800.TI.CARES), you can show students which buttons to push on their TI calculators.
calculator and represent calculator problems graphically, numerically and symbolically all at the same time.