This Maximizing Learning site is developed to encourage
teachers and districts to work at ways to improve student learning.  I believe the focus of schools and teachers is not to "teach", or to "teach" better, but to help students learn.  This typically means changing our focus from being on the teacher to the focus being on the students and the teacher doing whatever it takes to help students learn the material. 

This site has been developed by Troy Faulkner.  I am a mathematics teacher at Byron High School in Byron, MN.  In 2011, my department and I won Intel's School of Distinction Award for High School mathematics for our work on developing a textbook free curriculum and flipped learning.  Since 2011, I have had the privilege of presenting at state, national and international conferences, having numerous national and international articles published about my department, and working with the Flipped Learning Network on different interview, presentations, and research documents.  To read the articles click on "Media".
Most of my presentations and articles have focused on how I have used the Peer Instruction Flipped Learning and Mastery Learning models to improve my student learning.

My focus on maximizing learning started with my former superintendent Dr. Wendy Shannon, whom I had the pleasure of serving under for 12 years.  Her vision of "Maximizing Learning Opportunities for All" lead me to "Maximizing Learning for All," meaning I do not want just to provide students the opportunity to learn but rather to do what it takes to get students to learn.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Shannon's focus on student learning and on continuous improvement for providing an opportunity to measure change.