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Key Questions to Ask Before You Flip

1.    What is the best use of my face-to-face time with my students?  Or if I flip my class,
what will I and my students do during the face-to-face class time?

2.    Are you fine with not being the center of attention and are you willing to give up some control since students may not be coming directly to you for help or information? 

Will you allow students to rearrange the learning space, or will you rearrange the learning space, to better meet the learning needs since students do not need to face the front of the room or be focused on you?

4.    Will you work with another teacher to flip your classes or will you work by yourself?  It is often easier to work with at least one other teacher, but it is not required.

Which class/unit will you start flipping first since most teachers are not able to start by flipping all their class once (not enough time in the day to record videos for all classes)? 

Will you flip every lesson/unit or only select lessons/units?

7.    If you flip, you will often have more time in your curriculum/course.  So what will you do with that time?  Application problems, projects, hands-on activities, have students create (curriculum, videos, resources, …)