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I've been in very poor health of late so site updates have been few and far between.  This is not likely to change.  Cancer sucks.  Chemo sucks.  Check out The C Word for more information.

Welcome to the new site, developed on and hosted by Google Sites.  While you can access this site through Google Sites, I'd prefer it if you'd click on over to TroyCheek.Org and bookmark that.  It's the same site (assuming GoDaddy is doing its job) and it's far easier to remember than http://sites.google.com/sites/pages/communities/public_html/user/a/troycheek/homepage.asp or whatever the real URL is.

I've been spending a lot of time recently developing videos for YouTube.  This is a lot harder than it looks.  You can check out all videos at Uncle Troy Presents.  You can also check out my YouTube channel troyhcheek.

The old Cheek.Org site is now offline, but you can still read all the old content on the Cheek.Org section of Archive.org.

What you will find here (or will eventually find here):
  • Atari Stuff: classic Atari-related news, Atari emulators, hints and cheats for Atari Jaguar and Lynx games.
  • Bard's Tale: Information about the classic Bard's Tale series and the Bard's Tale IV petition.
  • Bullfrog: Information about my two favorite Bullfrog games: Populous 3 and Dungeon Keeper II.
  • View from the Corner: My (more or less) weekly (more or less) blog, including personal anecdotes, rants, raves, ramblings, technical stuff, site updates, etc.
You can contact me at the email address to the left (under "Contact Info") as the old Cheek.Org email addresses no longer work.  Please do not invite me to join you on Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Twitter, or whatever other social networking site has sprung up this week.  Though I'm flattered for the invite, I've got too much going on right now to devote to learning a new way to communicate.  I don't even remember to check my email every day.