Who We Are & What We Do

The Troy-area Interfaith Group (TIG) serves as Oakland County's leading interfaith outreach network. Since its inception in March of 2005, TIG has organized many events and brought together people of different backgrounds and faiths. We believe that peace among peoples and nations requires peace among the religions.

We are thankful for our members, friends, and guests who plan, participate in and experience TIG programs and events. As a volunteer endeavor, TIG provides interfaith opportunities to share, learn, serve, and enjoy fellowship through monthly programs, special events, field trips, and volunteer projects. Together, we are partners in enhancing understanding and cooperation between people of the many diverse faiths in our local communities. We look forward to opportunities to share our interfaith, peace, and justice efforts with additional individuals and faith communities as well.

The IFLC, along with numerous interfaith and community leaders in metro-Detroit including TIG, met recently and formed an alliance to work on The Resiliency Project. The first action undertaken by this group was to create a "Commitment to be Resilient". TIG has signed and is a sponsor of this statement of Commitment. That Commitment pledge can be signed via the link below, sign it and mail it to 10821 Capital St., Oak Park, MI 48237. You are welcome and encouraged to sign it as an individual or as a group/organization - civic or religious.