What are overflow hole covers and inserts?

Overflow hole covers hide the empty, hard to clean hole at the back of your bathroom basin.

When bathroom basins are manufactured the overflow is left as an open, often roughly cast drain hole and however clean you manage to get it, it can look bare, unfinished and unattractive.
Our range of overflow trims solve this problem.

As you can see they decorate the overflow hole, they do not block it.
Just look at the difference they make.
What are Overflow Hole covers?

Bathroom basins and sinks come in a large variety of shapes and sizes but the majority have one single round overflow hole, usually at the back under the taps or faucet. The most common size for the this hole is between 22mm and 23mm (7/8"). 

All the inserts and covers on sale here are designed to fit this standard size.

The reason the hole size varies slightly is because sinks are made from pottery which is fired in kilns, so while they are made to very exacting standards they cannot be manufactured to perfect sizes due to the production methods used.

The Paris type that is made up of two separate pieces is the most flexible and robust, since the white inner part is made of springy plastic.

The designs vary from simple ones that just cover the edges of the hole such  as Helsinki or Monaco on to more elaborate ones such as Tokyo that hide the hole from sight.

Then there are ones like Paris that combine both these qualities and actually hide the hole almost completely.

Helsinki and Monaco sit almost flush with the surface of the basin, while Paris and Tokyo are the sort that hide the hole and they sit a little proud.

To fit, push the insert in to the hole gently using an even pressure all over, if necessary use a little soap to ease fitting. Cleaning is best done with a little detergent on a soft cloth or a soft bristled brush and then rinsed with water.

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