My view of science and specifically the world of biochemistry, which encompasses aspects of every field in an attempt to understand the rules that govern life

Chem 4165/5165 Biochemistry I: Biomolecules (Undergraduate, currently in the Spring

The major goals of this course are to know the basic structures of biological macromolecules, understand how these structures govern the properties of these molecules, understand how to take this knowledge and apply it to problems in hypothetical laboratory settings, and understand how fundamental physical and chemical principles are involved in the evolution of life.

Chem 6101/8101: Biochemistry (Graduate, currently offered only in the Fall)

This course encompasses the concepts of the undergraduate biochemistry biomolecules and metabolism courses. In this course I expect my students to be able to take the key concepts involving bioenergetics, chemical logic, metabolism, enzymology, and structural biology and apply them to the biochemistry literature and to their own research. Biochemistry underlies all biological phenomena and I expect students to gain an appreciation for this and be able to readily apply what we cover. It is a fast paced course that will require a significant level of commitment.