TGW Water Rates

Until June 30, 2018:


TGW has a total of 3 charges: 1) Ready to Serve 2) Water Volume

Service Charge: is applied every billing cycle for water being available and ready for service.  This is a static charge and depends on your water connection meter size.  The rate reflects TGW operating expense and capital reserves to maintain and improve infrastructure.  2) Water volume:  is applied every billing cycle for the amount of water each connection has used.  3)State Loan Assessment feeof $17 is now included in the Service Charge.


Conversion Chart

Your bill is calculated in Units.  The meter read is in Cubic Feet. A Cubic Foot equals to 7.48 Gallons. 

The conversion table shows the conversion:

 1100 740 
10 1,000 7,400 
202,000 14,800 
30 3,00022,200