Tournament Format

1.    This is a six fish stringer tournament. Each boat is allowed one stringer of three Speckled Trout, two Red Fish, and one Flounder to be weighed in for overall placing. There will be separate awards for big Trout and big Red Fish.

2.    You may fish live bait Open Division or artificial bait Hardware Division.

3.    Official tournament hours are from Official Sunrise to 3:00pm on tournament date.

4.    Weigh in hours are 2:00pm until 3:00pm.


Permitted Fishing Areas

1.    East and West Matagorda Bays to Pass Cavallo, and all adjoining waters North, East, and West.



1.    TroutBlast is a invitational tournament, entry is by

INVITATION ONLY. Guide entry is optional.

2.    All State and Federal Penal Code laws shall apply at all times.

3.    All State, Coast Guard, and Federal Fish & Wildlife Regulations shall apply at all times.

4.    Contestants must have a valid fishing license on their person unless Exempt.

5.    Each person in boat must abide by all tournament rules and regulations.

6.    Any contestant found to be in violation of any tournament rules  will be subject to disqualification from tournament and any future tournament.

7.    Tournament officials have the right to refuse any entry.

8.    Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a

guardian with written parental permission.




1.    All decisions of tournament director are final.

2.    All protests must be registered in writing with the tournament

Director within fifteen minutes of the designated weigh in.



Weigh in, Sportsmanship and Conservation

1.    All fish to be entered into the tournament must be caught during official tournament hours the day of the event. (Official Sunrise-3:00pm)

2.    All fish submitted for weigh in will be monitored for freshness.

3.    Minimum length of fish will be per TPW Regulations. Maximum length of Red Fish will be twenty-eight inches. No tagged Red Fish!

4.    Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation are expected from all contestants.

5.    All game laws of the State of Texas must be followed, any

violations will be cause for immediate disqualification and any

and all awards will be forfeited.



Tackle and Equipment

1.    All fish must be caught by casting. Contestants may use only one rod and reel at any one time. Other rods may be in possession for substitute purposes.



Registration is held on PVF.Org website.


3.    No Refunds, No Exceptions! Transfers or substitutions of entry fees will be allowed.