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!NEW!- I now have the permanent, brand new forum up and running!  You can access it through the same

"Main Forum" link to the left.  You'll find that the new forum is much better than the old temporary one, so

Make sure to check it out!

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!Coming Soon!-

I am working on a page where everyone will be able to share their aquariums.  You can submit a picture and a brief comment or description about your aquarium to me by e-mail and I will post it on the new page I'm putting together.


Dear Readers,

My hope is to make this an informative web site to share and learn information about tropical freshwater fish.  I have just started adding care guides.  Also, the page mentioned that will be coming soon is here.  I launched it and it is available from the Your Aquariums link to the left.  I have posted the first submition on it and hope to have many more.  Enjoy!