Ecosymbolism Art By Ana Bikic Art Movement Tropical Audubon Society 5th Annual Friends of IRC Fundraising Party


                                                     Artist Statement

My art has been inspired by the energy and power of creation.

I invite you ...

   To follow the trend of communication ,like the notes from

a symphony,Symbols surround us all ,up lift us,or depress us.

We,the artists,have the gift of inspiration
 when we choose

We are all responsible for the future of this planet and the well being

          of our inheritors ,not only our kids but the plants,animals,rivers & oceans too.

Earth is the spirit of us all,It graciously sustains

every thing within for millions of years.

The world is...

  Magnificent       Magnanimous
We need Hope...
We need Knowledge...

We need Inspiration

                                   For Noble Solutions.


                    Formally introduced at the Florence Biennale  ,I taly / 2007


                                                   Valerie Wisecracker South Florida Folk Idol

                                           Party at The Beautiful Garden Of  The Audubon Society 

Tropical Audubon Society R       

                                                                  Artist Ana Bikic
supporter Artist Ana Bikic Beaches ,Landscapes,enviromental support from the arts .

Art By international Artist Ana Bikic is the author of "Ecosymbolism New art movement"
New Iconography for Hope & Noble Solutions .

Ecosymbolism Art


Positivism expressed in Art with sincere and intellectual emotion,
empowered by the visual language of symbols.

Aims to

Bring dialogue between audience and subject
using inspiration of effort and integrity of the content .


To bring a more profound Iconography for art
that aspires to create hope & noble solutions through the dialogue of Humanity's symbols


Under the roof of Ecosymbolism ,
Visual Artists to understand the power of the symbols & the moral responsability of their usage .

Works as

Catalyst between Science & Public.
At a time when so many are disillusioned by future predictions. Art,
as symbol , defines positive directions, soothing fear with positive solutions .


The gift of creativity, as shared , bringing dialogue,
changing the way we embrace life , by using the symbols of our collective knowledge.
We reaffirm the universality of being.

Landscapes ,beach landscapes posters for awareness to support the environment & the ciences that healp to find solutions for the dilemas of today.

Ecosymbolism Art In support of :

The Institute for Regional Conservation

Tropical Audubon Society

Ana Bikic
                                                                               Photography  By Ana Bikic

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