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  • Make way for the Starred Users, people!
    Time for an official introduction to our beloved Starred Users on the Trophy Room!

    Starting with Ajay, a B.Tech student and also a budding poet. When asked why he’s so dedicated to the Orkut Help Forum, “i love Help Forums and clarifying users queries” he says.

    Next we have Sourav, one of our young Starred Users, currently studying in 12th class. He says he loves helping people and also suggesting new features for Orkut, which is what motivates him to be such an active forum member.

    Nayan is probably our most enthusiastic Starred User!  He’s pursuing his B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. Here’s what he has to say about Orkut and the Orkut Help Forum:
    “That's my Passion, That's my Love , That's the Thing due to which i am where where i am
    not Meant to me , Next thing to Help out people with Orkut and my Love for Orkut !:)”. Need I say more? :)

    Another active Starred User, Shylesh Ananth, a B.tech student, pursuing his degree in Information Technology. When asked about his dedication on the Orkut Help Forum, he says it’s more of an addiction than dedication. Let’s hope he never copes from this addiction :)

    Next is Pravin, a B.Sc student specializing in Electronics and another Orkut “addict”. When asked to share something we don’t know about him, he says he’s another Ghajini. Before you all get any ideas, it’s more to do with the short term memory loss, than anything else :)

    Now we have, Ankit Sharma, a B.Com student who is contributing immensely to the Orkut Help Forum along with his job. When asked to share something about himself, he says something that we all should try - “My intent is to enjoy the present moment, stop worrying about the
    future and grieving over the past. I just want to enjoy every moment of my life.” .

    Next in line is Roby Mathew. A B.Com student and now an MBA aspirant, says his family comes first when asked to share something about himself. Roby is another true Google and Orkut fanatic!

    Finally, we have the youngest Starred User studying in class 10, Tanmay. This boy who’s travelled to 6 countries so far, says he loves sharing ideas with other users, the TCs and the Orkut team.

    Once again, thanks to all the wonderful work you guys do to make the Orkut Help Forum and ultimately Orkut a better place! Kudos to you all :)
    Posted Mar 9, 2011, 9:29 PM by sagari@google.com
  • Welcome to the Orkut Trophy Room!
    Hi Orkut peeps, welcome to the Orkut Trophy Room!

    Wondering what it is? Well, this is a place for you to get to know our beloved Top Contributors (aka Orkuteers), our budding Starred Users and discuss some interesting happenings from the official Help Forum.

    Every two weeks, we'll have a thread for each of you to nominate the "Best Post of the Fortnight", for that one awesome post, tip, help or even a detailed bug report that was offered on the Orkut Help Forum. The best and the most deserving post among all the nominations will then be featured here, for all of us to appreciate and learn something from!

    So stay tuned and watch this space to nominate and maybe even win the "Best Post of the Fortnight"!

    For a happy start, here’s a picture of our Top Contributors:

    Posted Mar 9, 2011, 9:29 PM by sagari@google.com
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 a budding poet! :)
 Joined Google Help on 12/19/08 

   hates TV commercials!

   Joined Google Help on 10/1/09

   prefers even numbers to odd ones! 
   Joined Google Help on 9/18/08

 is into history books! 
 Joined Google Help on 2/11/09

  Jinu Rajendran
  dreams of becoming an I.T professional
  Joined Google Help on 2/9/09

  plays the Sitar with a plectrum :)
  Joined Google Help on 7/31/09 

 has lived in 8 cities so far!
 Joined Google Help on 2/10/09 
  a die-hard Manchester United fan!
  Joined Google Help on 5/26/09

 loves developing Orkut apps!
 Joined Google Help on 9/17/08 
 one of our oldest TCs!
Joined Google Help on 1/17/09 

loves Italian food :)
Joined Google Help on 2/13/09 
Who are the Top Contributors?
Top Contributors are selected based on some key traits that are demonstrated over time. We look for users who help others by frequently replying to questions with the correct answer, are generally helpful, and are kind and respectful to others in the Help Forum.

How do I become a Top Contributor?
Top Contributors moved their way up the levels (and earned certain powers as they went) by answering questions, rating posts as helpful or unhelpful, and reporting real abuse.  You can learn how to post well by reading Top Contributors' recent discussions, and you can find out all about points and levels in our Getting Started Guide.

Who are the Starred Users?
The Starred User is a participant of the forum that has shown good knowledge of the product and is interested in helping others. It’s not a Top Contributor yet, but has shown to be in the right path to becoming one.

Why an Orkut Trophy Room?
Every week we congratulate members of the forum for various achievements, whether it's passing into a new level, solving a tricky problem, or writing a hilarious post. To know how to nominate someone's post for "Best Post Of the Fortnight", just follow the Trophy Room threads!

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