Sunday May 11 - Wednesday May 14 2014
At Yale University

What is this mini-workshop?
The intention is a small and friendly gathering of people working on algebraic structures related to tropical geometry and generalizations of scheme theory to semirings.  We hope that people will look to build some common language, develop a shared understanding and appreciation of the recent breakthroughs in this research area, and brainstorm next steps and potential applications.

We believe that a number of individuals and small groups have been working on related projects in relative isolation, and a meeting of the minds may accelerate progress and help build a viable research community.

All talks will take place in the Yale math department, room 215 LOM.

What you should do if you are interested?
Please fill out the registration form. The deadline for registration is Friday, March 7.

We hope that most participants will be able to cover their own travel expenses, and will do our best to provide local accommodations for invited participants and speakers, graduate students, and postdocs.

Getting to New Haven
If you are coming from anywhere between Washington DC and New England, Amtrak is your best option getting to New Haven. If you are coming to New Haven via air, you have the choice of the three New York City area airports (Laguardia, JFK, and Newark), and Hartford, CT. There are also daily flights from Philadelphia, coming into Tweed airport, New Haven. 

Flying into any of the New York airports, you may then find your way to Grand Central or Harlem 125th street, and take Metro North to New Haven. If you fly into Hartford, you can either book an airport shuttle or rent a car to get to New Haven. 

Check here for more information about airport shuttles.

If you are arranging your own accommodation in New Haven, we recommend the Marriott or the Quinnipiack Club.