The Heritage Trail

What is now known as Westchester County played an important role in the first seven years of our nation's struggle for independence. The British and American armies fought in White Plains and the vicinity from October 28th to November 5th, 1776.

Unfortunately, many landmarks have been obliterated over the years, dimming the memory of this vitally historic era. In March of 1958, the Battle of White Plains Monument Committee was organized for the purpose of locating and marking as many of these sites as possible.

With the cooperation of the Westchester Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, the City of White Plains, and the Towns of Harrison and North Castle, the Battle of White Plains Monument Committee decided to outline the Heritage Trail, marking as many of the historic sites as could be located. The trail starts in White Plains and continues through Harrison and North Castle.

This map outlines an 11 mile loop trail as marked out by BSA Troop X of White Plains in 2010.

To earn the Heritage Trail patch after completing the hike, contact us at

Heritage Trail Google Map

Click the map above or this link to view The Heritage Trail, Sponsored by the White Plains Historical Society in a larger interactive map