Pound Ridge 5 - Mile Hike

Post date: Apr 8, 2017 6:34:42 PM

During the 5 mile hike at Pound Ridge, we went through forest and open trails to do a loop past an old fire tower, and back out to the cars.It was important to wear boots because there was mud, puddles, snow, and slush from end to end on the hike. After what felt like way more then 5 miles, we got back to the cars and went back to the lean-tos. I should have looked harder for my boots because after the hike, my sneakers were soaked (luckily I packed a spare pair!). Attendees included Will.L, Will.K, Daniel.K, Nick.O, Henry.O, Steven.B, Alec, Mr O'Donnell, Mr.Lacey and Mr.Cardon.

- Will Kao