Philadelphia/Valley Forge Trip 5/26/17 - 5/28/17

Post date: Jun 18, 2017 12:17:48 AM

The Boy Scouts of Troop X went to historical sites of the American Revolutionary War in Philadelphia and Valley Forge.

Scouts that attended were: Anthony P. Daniel A., Clark D., Nikolas O., Matt K., Will Lacey, Eric M., Henry O., Max P., Aleksei S. (& brother Charlie) George R., and Michael C. (& sister Mia).

Adults that attended were: Mr. O'Donnell, Mr. Lacey, Mr. Acevedo, Mr. Marino, Ms. Carcer, Mr. Sincerbeaux and Mr. Caridi.

Day 1: George Washington's Crossing of the Delaware, a tower, a film about the winter of Valley Forge, replicas of the cabins that soldiers made during the winter, also a giant fort, George Washington's House that he stayed in. After that we went to our campsite. At the campsite we played manhunt, ate pizza, whittled sticks and hung out on the dock.

Day 2: We went to Philadelphia to see the American Revolutionary War Museum. We saw a couple of films about the war and there was also a giant exhibit that you could walk through. After that we had lunch at a Philly-Cheesesteak restaurant. We then took a tour of the rooms where the Declaration of Independence was signed etc. After that we went to the Liberty Bell and Benjamin Franklin's grave. I left after that to go to the "Rocky Steps" (Philadelphia Museum of Art) which I ran up 3 times! I left after I did that but mostly everyone stayed overnight. Some people stayed an extra day and did other things. That pretty much sums up the entire trip!