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Philadelphia/Valley Forge Trip 5/26/17 - 5/28/17

The Boy Scouts of Troop X went to historical sites of the American Revolutionary War in Philadelphia and Valley Forge.

Scouts that attended were: Anthony P. Daniel A., Clark D., Nikolas O., Matt K., Will Lacey, Eric M., Henry O., Max P., Aleksei S. (& brother Charlie) George R., and Michael C. (& sister Mia).

Adults that attended were: Mr. O'Donnell, Mr. Lacey, Mr. Acevedo, Mr. Marino, Ms. Carcer, Mr. Sincerbeaux and Mr. Caridi.

Day 1: George Washington's Crossing of the Delaware, a tower, a film about the winter of Valley Forge, replicas of the cabins that soldiers made during the winter, also a giant fort, George Washington's House that he stayed in. After that we went to our campsite. At the campsite we played manhunt, ate pizza, whittled sticks and hung out on the dock.

Day 2: We went to Philadelphia to see the American Revolutionary War Museum. We saw a couple of films about the war and there was also a giant exhibit that you could walk through. After that we had lunch at a Philly-Cheesesteak restaurant. We then took a tour of the rooms where the Declaration of Independence was signed etc. After that we went to the Liberty Bell and Benjamin Franklin's grave. I left after that to go to the "Rocky Steps" (Philadelphia Museum of Art) which I ran up 3 times! I left after I did that but mostly everyone stayed overnight. Some people stayed an extra day and did other things. That pretty much sums up the entire trip!

Michael C

Lessons Learned from Eagle Project Proposal Approval

On April 22 (Earth Day) at 9:00 am, I (Nikolas O) plan to start my Eagle project at the Lifting Up Westchester building, having received approval for my Eagle Project Proposal. There have been many lessons that I have learned from the Eagle Project Proposal approval process. First, I learned that scouts should read the comments and carefully and address each one. Secondly, I learned that scouts should update the Project Proposal everywhere that the comment(s) are applicable. The comment(s) are usually applicable in many places within the Project Proposal. Thirdly, I learned that scouts must be clear and concise in stating how they plan to fundraise within the Project Proposal. For my project, we will refurbish the areas in front of the entrance and in front of one side of the Lifting Up Westchester building. The Lifting Up Westchester building houses an organization that does charitable work for Westchester County, including helping the homeless.

Pound Ridge 5 - Mile Hike

During the 5 mile hike at Pound Ridge, we went through forest and open trails to do a loop past an old fire tower, and back out to the cars.It was important to wear boots because there was mud, puddles, snow, and slush from end to end on the hike. After what felt like way more then 5 miles, we got back to the cars and went back to the lean-tos. I should have looked harder for my boots because after the hike, my sneakers were soaked (luckily I packed a spare pair!). Attendees included Will.L, Will.K, Daniel.K, Nick.O, Henry.O, Steven.B, Alec, Mr O'Donnell, Mr.Lacey and Mr.Cardon.

- Will K

Engineering Expo

The Engineering Expo was held during March 31st at the White Plains High School. It was an amazing experience , there were many colleges there that showed you there successes. Many tables were based on water and how they use systems to purify the water or use it to make electricity. There was great opportunities to look into colleges and lots of other stands offered internships for mostly Juniors and Seniors.

- Daniel K

Heritage Trail - Sap Monster

On February 19, the troop hiked on the Heritage Trail. About half way into the hike, the troop stopped to have lunch. After lunch, the troop went to Mr. Cardon’s friend’s house and he is known as the Sap Monster. There the troop saw how maple syrup is made. First the guy showed us how to get the sap. He drilled a hole into a maple tree and placed a bucket on the tree and let the sap drip into the bucket. After he would have the sap, he would pour the sap into a big boiler and let the sap boil and that would evaporate everything else and so aall that is left is the maple syrup. This process could take him up to a few days to a about a week to do. And for his to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup, he would need about up to 50 gallons of maple sap.

-Anthony P

Retiring The Sled

On Saturday March 25th Troop X retired the sled that was used for over 10 years in the Klondike derby. Troop X won the Klondike derby in 2011

and has served well for many years. The Sled had come to an end at the 2017 Klondike derby and will be remembered well in our troops history.

We put the remaining pieces of the sled in to our bonfire at Pound Ridge and taps were played as it was finally put to rest...

We will be construct a new sled in the near future and will make sure it is just as good as the original sled.

- Will L