Weekly Update 8/18/2015

Post date: Aug 19, 2015 8:26:04 PM

Good morning all,

First, thank you to the leaders who made it possible for me to spend time with my family, yesterday. I appreciate you covering for me!!

We have a Patrol Leader Council Meeting/ PLC this coming Thursday at 7:00 PM

Our Annual Planning/Leaders Meeting will be on August 30th, at the Witt’s home, at 1:00. ( more details to come)

Order of the Arrow Service Weekend is coming up on Sept. 11-13. If you are a newly elected scout or leader, this is your opportunity to complete your induction/ordeal. If you are already an Arrowman, please consider your involvement. In the past, we have NOT had a positive turn out for these weekends. Part of being an Arrowman, is your commitment to future Service Weekends. Please come on out to Camp T. Brady Saunders, work a little, play a little, eat, and enjoy the fellowship with our brother arrowman. REMEMBER, PART OF BEING AN ARROWMAN IS CHEERFUL SERVICE!!!

We are registered for Winter Camp !!! We have spots for 4 adults and 8 youth.

At this point I have the following commitments.

Mrs. Coffey

Mr. Altman

Mr. Witt

Tyler W.

Joshua E.

Andrew B.

The cost of the event is $55 for youth and $50 for adults. WE WILL BE TENT CAMPING!! This will be held the weekend of Jan 15-18, 2016

Our next committee meeting will be September 1. If you are going up for advancement, you need to have your Scoutmasters conference before Sept 1

Our Semi-annual Court of Honor will be September15th. This is for scouts and their family. Please come and share the accomplishments with your scout.

The Summit Bechtel Reserve We are seriously looking at going back to The Summit in 2016. Ours Scouts had such a great time, this past June, and have expressed a desire to have another fund raiser at Stevi B’s to raise funds for another adventure to The Summit. We will need to have a meeting to go over program and plan for this event. Scouts need to be 13 and 1st Class to attend. If we do not have a regular scout meeting on Sept 8th, we may consider this evening to get together to start planning for this event. Thoughts??

Sept 8th / first day of school Traditionally, we do not meet the day that our scouts return to school. At this point, I have had 4 scouts/parents say that they would like to meet on the first day of school. We will make a final decision as we get a little closer to the date.

STEW FUNDRAISER Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about our next STEW WEEKEND ! At this point, we need to get commitments for the following areas/responsibilities. Stew will be the weekend of Sept 25-26

FOP BUILDING/ do we have the use of the building secured for this date

CHICKEN/ Who will be in charge of ordering/picking up on Friday Sept 25

CANNED VEGETABLES/ Who will be ordering/picking up

TRAILOR for these tasks and others

***There is more to come, but these are the most vital at this point***

Thank you for all you do,

Yours in scouting,

Mrs. Coffey