Weekly Update 1/23/18

Post date: Jan 26, 2018 12:16:27 PM

Good Day All,

Lots of stuff to put out so hang on,

1) Congratulations goes out to Zach B. for completing his Eagle Board of Review on January 8, 2018, which happens to be his birthday. Zach is officially Troop 555's 65th Eagle. NOTE TO ALL OTHERS "DON'T WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE" PLEASE!!!!!!!

2) USMC Museum - Saturday the 27th. Meet at Carson Building at 8 am, full class "A" uniform, pack a lunch and drink, preferably water. there is a 40 minute move that we will try and see, cost is $4.00. There is a gift shop, so if you want bring extra money for that. We will try and leave by 8:30 and should return before 4 pm.

4) Life to Eagle training - January 31st at 7 pm, Carson Building, ALL Star and Life scouts and parents should attend. This training is open to all that want to know more about the process. Please let the Troop know who will be attending by emailing to troop555update@gmail.com. Please bring a copy of project workbook and eagle application. The current forms can be found on line.

3) Jamestown Day Hike - Feb 3rd, tentatively.

4) Scout Sunday - New Hanover Presbyterian Church, time is to be determined. I would really like to see all scouts show up for this. If for some reason you don't have a ride let a leader know and we will see that you get there.

5) Snow Ski Trip - Feb 10th. (see attachment)

6) Klondike Derby - Feb. 23 - 25, will be held at New Kent Forestry.

7) Brunswick Stew - March 2nd -3rd. Please start selling stew, each week please give one of the leaders a total count of your sales. We have decided to limit sales to 150 quarts per family until Feb 17th, this will give all an equal chance to sell, after the 17th it will all be fair game, first come first serve.

8) Spring Break Camp - LEADERS are needed, new BSA regs., must be registered leader with indoor and outdoor training and current YPT. We all ready have some boys interested. Please help if you can.