Weekly Update 03/26/2019


Reminder for those going on AT Hike this weekend. We are having a pack check Friday night at 7 PM in the Carson Building. Pack as if we were leaving then (Food, water, cloths, med etc....)

We will be leaving the Carson building at 6AM on Saturday morning. DON'T BE LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week we will not be having a meeting, NO SCHOOL, NO SCOUTS.

The District Pinewood Derby and would love some Scout helpers. Maybe a scout needs volunteer hours? We need help on Saturday, April 6th from 8-12. If anyone can help, they can email or contact Morgan Judy.

April 9th will be a Committee Meeting, if you are going up for advancement let me know and come prepared.

April 13th Joesph M. will be working on his Eagle project. I am not able to provide the address at this time, but as soon as I can I will provide address and time.

April 20th, will be clean up day around the Carson building, so bring some gardening tools and come out and get some service hours. We will start around 8:30.

See Ya in a couple weeks.

Scoutmaster Witt.

Remember; That which does not kill you makes you stronger.