Troop Update 6/12/2018

Post date: Jun 14, 2018 10:24:19 AM

Good Evening All,

A big thanks to the out going scout leaders

Congratulations goes out to all of Troop 555's new leaders:

SPL - Seth M.

ASPL - David B.

PL Bucks - Morgan I.

APL Bucks - Emmett L.

PL Atomic Blackbirds - Michael S.

APL Atomic Blackbirds - Ethan N.

PL Phoenix - Jake O.

APL Phoenix - Nathan M.

Quartermaster - Nathan M.

Scribe - Logan M.

OA Troop Rep. - Tyler W.

Troop Guides - Chris T. & Jacob O.

Historian - Emmett L.

Chaplin's Aid - Cole W., Niko L. & Jeffrey F.

Instructors - Morgan I. & Tyler W.

Librarian - Emmett L.

Den Chiefs - Niko L., Emmett L., Michael S., Jaden R. and Seth M.

Outdoor Ethics Guide - Tyler W.

Honor Guard - Tyler W., Seth M., Jake O., David B., Niko L., Morgan I., Chris T., Mathew B., Michael S., Alex B., Jonathan M..

Habitat for Humanity, June 15 and 16. Great service project and scouts and adults can earn the Messenger of Peace award. (See attachment). I will be at the church at 7am both days, if any one wants to ride with us, PLEASE let me know by email or phone/text. If not hope to see a good showing there.

Next Week we will be doing last minute checks for summer camp. Remember medicals MUST be in hand before we leave. If you do not have one, you will not be allowed to go, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please use the attached sheet to make sure you have the right gear.



Mr. Witt