June 3

Post date: Jun 7, 2014 3:03:32 AM

Congratulations to Josh E. for earning the Tenderfoot Scout rank and to Kostya Y. for earning the Star Scout rank.

No meeting Tuesday, June 10th due to exam week. Scouts please bring in recyclables (no glass) to the June 17th meeting. Menu planning for the Shooting Sports weekend will also take place that night. Also bring back any equipment at your house from previous camping trips.

Also no class A uniforms for Summer except for the first Tuesday in August.

Urgent!!- last night a dark blue pack was lost after the meeting. It has Boy Scout Jamboree 2010 decal. Please call Matthew S. at 730-2287 if you found it.

June PLC is scheduled for Thursday, June 19th at 7:30 PM in the Carson Building. If you are an officer and are unable to attend you must notify the Scoutmaster (Scoutmaster@troop555.net). We will work on June and July meetings the themes are Mechanics and Hiking. Please go to link below, and come to the meeting prepared.


PLC Members save this link; it has links to all program features.

Shooting Sports Weekend June 20th – June 22nd – Mr Mayo is leading a rifle shooting weekend. Come and get trained and earn the Rifle Shooting Merit Badge. Sign ups are ongoing. More details to come.

DUES, DUES ,DUES a scout pays his own way. Each week a scout is required to pay dues of 50 cents. This money should be earned and not just a handout from Mom and Dad. The money is used to pay for merit badges, rank patches and patrol patches. Please see Josh E. for more information about how much you owe.

PLEASE UPDATE YOUR MEDICAL FORM!!!! You are not allowed to participate without it. - 2014 Medical Forms are online! (LINK BELOW) These will be needed for camp as well as for each activity planned by the troop. A review of the medical forms in the troop’s files indicate that most everyone will need an updated medical by July 1st 2014. Please follow the link below to the new and improved…easy to use and understand - Medical Form! Download, print off and fill out as needed. Parts A and B are necessary for everyone who attends local tours, projects and weekend camping trips. If you are going to summer camp, you will need Parts A, B and C. The link has two big download buttons to lead you to the forms you will need as well as instructions. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Cloe or Mr. Ward at one of the meetings. Thanks!


Summer Camp registration is closed. Troop 555 is going July 6 – July 12. Final Payment is OVERDUE. Please use your Scout Account if it has the funds available. See Mrs. Coffey for details. For additional information please to go the council website below. A, B and C MEDICAL FORMS are required. All prerequisites for merit badges must be completed before camp or you maybe kicked out of the class.


Join us for High Adventure at Bechtel Summit in the Summer of 2015. You must be 13 years are older next summer to participate. See Scoutmaster Coffey for more details.

2015 World Scout Jamboree in Japan is now open for registration. Please follow link below if you are interested. http://www.scouting.org/worldjamboree.aspx

Do you want to be more involved with the Troop but don’t want to go camping? Please consider joining the committee. The Troop Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM. Duties include budget, advancement, fundraising and leadership review.

If you have any current merit badge books that you are willing to part with– Please donate them to our troop library.

Advice from the Scoutmaster – ”What will you do with your 86,400 seconds today?”