June 23

Post date: Jun 24, 2009 2:42:31 PM

Next week is summer camp! All the money is in, we’re all working on our merit badge pre-requisites (aren’t we?) and we’re packing our packs! Troop 555 is scheduled to send 16 boys and 7 leaders to camp this year!

A few notes about camp:

· We’ll gather at noon on Sunday at the church to leave for camp.

· The first thing we do at camp is the swim test. Pack your suit and towel on the top.

· Any medications you need should be at the top of your pack in a zip-lock bag clearly labeled with your name. All medications should be in their original packaging.

· You might want to bring a camp chair. Everything else should be inside or tightly attached to your pack (we often have to hike in our personal gear!)

· If you have merit badge books, bring them.

· If you are taking the swimming merit badge, please make sure you have a pair of long pants (avoid blue jeans if you can – they get really heavy when they are wet), a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of shoes you can go in the water in.

· Trailblazers (first year campers) bring a day pack if you can.

· Cope – bring tennis-shoes – they work better than boots on many of the challenges.

· Mr. Carr will be keeping the bank if you want to have him hold your spending money for safety. He will collect your money Sunday.

NOTE: Do not bring electronic games, music players or cell phones. All electronics and cell phones will be confiscated and kept by the Scoutmaster until our next scout meeting which is July 14th. Leaders will have access to cell phones if there is an emergency.

We do not meet the week after camp, so our next meeting is July 14th.

Jamboree Openings Left! The Council has committed to sending 9 Troops of 36 youth each to the Jamboree. That is 324 youth needed to fill our contingent. Currently we have 252 youth committed to attending, leaving us with 72 open spaces. (as of June 10) Check out http://www.bsajamboree.org/

The Parson's Cause is a reinactment event held in Hanover. Some merit badge requirements can be fulfilled by participating.

Advice from the Scoutmaster: There is a time for fun and games and a time serious work. Both are important. If you take serious time seriously, there is more fun for all.

Upcoming Events:

6/28 -7/4 Summer Camp

Please remember that Troop meetings start promptly at 7:30. Leaders are there from about 7:15 and Scouts can gather and take advantage of this time to talk to the leaders. If you are leaving the meeting early, please make sure the scoutmaster or an assistant scoutmaster know you are leaving so we won’t go looking for you.