July 13

Post date: Jul 16, 2010 1:52:49 AM

We worked on advancement items in preparation for summer events including Summer Camp and Jamboree!

There will be more information on Summer Camp next week. For planning, those going should be fed and ready to leave the Carson Building at 12:30 on the 25th.

Also next week at the meeting (Y'all come now, you hear?) is our first annual Pre-Summer Camp Pre-Jamboree Family Ice Cream Social! The Ice Cream Social will begin about 8:30 so families are encouraged to come and join us for Ice Cream, Pre-Summer Camp and Pre-Jamboree announcements and a special surprise!

Advice from the (new) Scoutmaster: People in new leadership positions (including youth) need patience, planning and support. We have lots of planning to do to to all the things the troop wants to do! Two great quotes: On Patience: You get the chicken from hatching the egg, not by smashing it. On Planning and Support: It's the little things that make the big things happen!

Please remember that we have our regular meeting next Tuesday 7:30. Come and support your troop!