January 3

Post date: Jan 4, 2010 2:07:52 AM

Welcome to another new year of Scouting – This year promises to be quite special with a Jamboree and the celebration of Scouting’s 100thanniversary!

We have a lot to talk about Tuesday night, and a few calendar updates. Remember that we will be voting on our final choice for Seabase. We also need commitments on several other things – Winter Camp, upcoming hikes, the Klondike – etc. More information about all will be available at our meeting – See you then! Below are some opportunities and reminders.

From Mrs. Coffey:

Happy New Year all! With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we have gotten a little behind on some decision making. Winter Camp is just around the corner, and we need to decide NOW, if we will attend. It will be offered the long weekend of the Lee, Jackson, King holiday. If you intend of going, you MUST come prepared to commit, no later than this Tuesday, at our meeting. We cannot register any later. As with any event, we will need at least 2 leaders to also commit to the weekend. I will be able to be at the event, after work on Sat, until the end, on Monday afternoon. The cost is $50. We will be camping outdoors, but classes will be offered indoors, and of course all the meals will be in the dining hall. The event is at Cub Adventure Camp in Goochland. These are the merit badges being offered. (Some do require prerequisites, so you will need to go on line to the Heart of Virginia Council website to see what they are. )

Disabilities Awareness, Engineering, Railroading, Wilderness Survival, Public Health, Surveying, First Aid, Radio, Communications, Coin Collection, Collections, Computers, Metalworking, Fire Safety, Forestry, Crime Prevention, Fingerprinting, Photography, Veterinary Medicine, and of course the ever popular Duct Tape class, by Mr. John Camejo.

If you commit, please be prepared for outdoor, winter camping!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 869-1995

Thank you, see you Tuesday. YIS Mrs Coffey

From Mr. Ward

I am planning to hike the BSA Historic Trail in Petersburg National Park on January 9th. The hike is 10 miles and will be a rain or shine event. Scouts should be prepared for the weather and I promise we will have some. There is a patch available at the end of the hike. Plans now are to leave the church by 8am and travel to the park. We should be off the trail no later than 4:30 to 5pm and arrive back to the church by 6pm hopefully

YIS & S, Don Ward

Also from Mr. Ward:

Any interest of participating in the Governor Inaugural Parade on January 16th? If so let me know & I will contact Todd at Council. This is a great opportunity for our scouts to do something they normally would never get a chance to do. And something they can tell their grandchildren about....

Let me know, Don Ward

And David R wants us to mark our calendars for January 23rd for his Eagle Scout Ceremony!

Advice from the Scoutmaster: Have a Great Year of Scouting!

Upcoming events:

    • 1/9 - Hike - Petersburg National Park.
    • 1/15 - 1/18 - Winter Camp at BS – Four day merit badge weekend
    • 1/23 - David R's Eagle Scout Ceremony
    • 1/23 - Patrick Henry Public Speaking Merit Badge starts (also on 1/30 & 2/6)
    • 1/30 - Klondike Derby
    • 1/30 - Pinewood Derby - Cubs need help if you're not at the Klondike

Please remember that Troop meetings start promptly at 7:30. Leaders are there from about 7:15 and Scouts can gather and take advantage of this time to talk to the leaders. If you are leaving the meeting early, please make sure the scoutmaster or an assistant scoutmaster know you are leaving so we won’t go looking for you.