January 27

Post date: Jan 28, 2009 3:04:47 PM

Nasty weather yesterday meant no school no scouts. This update contains information about the Klondike this Saturday, as well as reminders of other coming events.

We will meet for the Klondike at the Church at 7:00 AM this Saturday - we will pack the sled and depart no later than 7:30. The cost for the trip is 10:00. Each scout will need a bag lunch, water, daypack, scoutbook (and fieldbook if you have it), first aid kit, winter clothing appropriate for the weather. The patrol list is below, if you have some items that will help fill the sled, bring them along. Scouts and leaders are encouraged to attend. A permission slip will be available Saturday morning.

  • Klondike 2009
  • Required Equipment List:
  • Each Patrol should have the following in their sled.
  • #1 Patrol Yell. #2. Patrol flag. #3. Patrol Roster, Name, Rank.
  • #4. Pencil & Paper. #5. Clipboard - map notes.
  • #6. Watch. #7. Compass. #8. Flashlight.
  • #9. Two, Three, or more six foot staves (stretcher,) (first aid,)
  • also for a tripod (Cooking, fire building,) staves to build a shelter.
  • #10. Blanket, tarp, canvas. #11. Duct, or Duck tape.
  • #12. Scout Hand Book. #13. Scout Field book
  • #14. Fire Starting kit. #15. Axe and Bow saw
  • #16. Lunch & Water for the whole patrol, trash bag
  • #17. Head gear, gloves, rain wear if required.
  • #18. Patrol First Aid Kit. #19. Rope .
  • Scout leaders are welcomed. Each Scout should carry their own
  • daypack, with personal cup, utensils, Hand - cleaner?
  • All vehicles and trailers will need to stay in the parking lot.

Important Announcements:

Whitewater Commitments Due February 3rd!

  • We've only gotten a few commitments in so far for our Whitewater trip this summer. We need commitments no later than February 3rd. If we don't get enough people to sign up - we may not be able to go. Scouts - encourage your fellow scouts to come along!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! February 10th is our Court of Honor and FOS dinner. Families and friends should attend!

Let's get everyone to First Class Advancement day February 21st. Let the leaders know what you need for advancement, and we're going to schedule activities that day to get as much done as we can! The time is tentatively scheduled for 10-3 PM.

The Spring Stew is February 28th/29th. Plan to attend and be selling!

OA Items:

For Conclave and NOAC information, please see Ben Ward.

March 13-15 OA Service weekend.

Jamboree information is available from Ben, and on-line.

Advice from the Scoutmaster: Many of our greatest leaders have had a scouting background including presidents and astronauts. Scout values and leadership experience can take you a long way!