February 24

Post date: Feb 26, 2009 2:54:22 AM

First and foremost two areas of congratulations to the troop.

1: Congratulations to the troop for a job well done on Saturday - What a great Turnout and a great event. We had 20 scouts participating both teaching and learning. Good work all!

2: Congratulations to the troop for a great jopb pre-selling stew - We're at our limit with nearly 1000 quarts sold!!!!

This leads us to STEW WEEKEND!!! This Friday night - Saturday morning.

Friday - Chicken Picking at 6:00 PM.


Scouts should plan to stay the night as we need to keep the five pots stirring all night and the more scouts we have, the more shifts we can have, so the less time we all spend stirring.

* Any adults who can stay the night are encouraged to do so.

* Bright and early Saturday morning we all gather (about 6:00 AM) to dip the stew into the quart containers and prepare the stew for delivery.

* Everyone who possibly can (adults, leaders, brothers & sisters, grandparents, neighbors) needs to help out with Chicken Picking and dipping.

* All stew must be picked up no later than 8:00 Saturday morning and out to delivery.

* We will need some folks to help return the pots and clean up as well.

* Everyone must wear a hat all times when dealing with the food.

* Directions: The Hatcher Cole FOP Lodge is located at 1941 Shady Grove Road just north west of the 295 overpass. If you are travelling on from the

church, go south on 301, and turn left at the light onto Shady Grove Road. Continue on Shady Grove Road through the light at Studley, and keep heading

toward 295. When the Road divides, start looking carefully on your right for the Hatcher Cole Lodge. We should have our Troop 555 sign out as well.

If we can get the kind of attendance at Stew that we had Saturday - we've got an easy job ahead. If not - well then things get a little harder. Please help make it our best stew ever!

Next Tuesday eveing - please bring non-perishable foods - we a doing a mini-food drive for the food bank. Stephen K is taking the lead on this - Great good turn Stephen!

There will be a meeting Sunday for scouts and parents interested in the Whitewater trip. More to come in a separate e-mail.

Junior Leader Training - If you are interested, let mr Tehan know. This is supplemental training, but is a great program run by our district. On March 7, there is an all-day meeting to give you the information necessary to carry out the weekend trip and much more. The weekend trip will be on March 20-22. This is fun and will train you as a leader.

Elections are on for the end of March for our new SPL and PL's.

OA Items:

For Conclave and NOAC information, please see Ben Ward.

March 13-15 OA Service weekend.

Jamboree information is available from Ben, and on-line.

Advice from the scoutmaster: How do you know the hour of dawn? When you can look into the face of a man and see your brother - until then we are in darkness.

2/21 - Advancement Day

2/27-28 - Spring Stew (Friday Night - Saturday morning)

3/14 Tent set-up day

3/20 - Pack 521 to Troop 555 Bridging - Help us welcome our new scouts!

3/21 - Stephen's Eagle Ceremony - 2:00

3/27-29 - Hiking Weekend - pre-hike for the AT

4/4-4/9 - AT Hike

Please remember that Troop meetings start promptly at 7:30. Leaders are there from about 7:15 and Scouts can gather and take advantage of this time to talk to the leaders.