February 2

Post date: Feb 4, 2010 1:53:06 AM

Since we didn't meet Tuesday, a few reminders are in order.

This Tuesday (February 9th) initial Stew orders are due. This means to be selling this weekend! If you can't get out then remember to phone your regulars - it really works!

On the 23rd of February (Tuesday night) we will have our Febuary Friends of Scouting Dinner and Court of Honor. Please plan to attend and celebrate the accomplishments of the Scouts! More details to follow in the next few weeks.

The following weekend (February 26-27) is STEW!!!!

Stew events begin Thursday night the 25th with moving the Pots. This usually takes about two hours that night for a half-dozen or so able bodied men - the pots are heavy!

STEW WEEKEND!!! Friday night - Saturday morning.

Friday - Chicken Picking at 6:00 PM.

Scouts should plan to stay the night as we need to keep the five pots stirring all night and the more scouts we have, the more shifts we can have, so the less time we all spend stirring.

* Any adults who can stay the night are encouraged to do so.

* Bright and early Saturday morning we all gather (about 6:00 AM) to dip the stew into the quart containers and prepare the stew for delivery.

* Everyone who possibly can (adults, leaders, brothers & sisters, grandparents, neighbors) needs to help out with Chicken Picking and dipping.

* All stew must be picked up no later than 8:00 Saturday morning and out to delivery.

* We will need some folks to help return the pots and clean up as well.


* Everyone must wear a hat all times when dealing with the food.

PLEASE ATTEND!!!!!! If we have enough scouts and adults we've got an easy job ahead. If not - well then things get a little harder. Please help make it our best stew ever!

Upcoming events:

  • 2/23 – Troop Court of Honor and FOS Dinner
  • 2/26-27 - Stew!

Please remember that Troop meetings start promptly at 7:30. Leaders are there from about 7:15 and Scouts can gather and take advantage of this time to talk to the leaders. If you are leaving the meeting early, please make sure the scoutmaster or an assistant scoutmaster know you are leaving so we won’t go looking for you.