December 2

Post date: Dec 3, 2008 11:18:57 PM

A busy night with a wonderful firearm safety presentation, and two Eagle Scout Boards of Review!

Which leads us to - Congratulations to Joshua T. and Stephen K. our newest Eagle Scouts! We are all looking forward to your Courts of Honor!

Unfortunately there was insufficient interest in the shooting trip this weekend, it has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule this trip in the future. Please remember that these trips take a lot of planning on the part of the leaders, and commitments

Please remember to bring back any and all equipment you may have taken home next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday we will be working on skits and activities for a Webelos visit on Dec 16th. We need all scouts to come and help with this planning and the event.

Kurt G's Eagle project is being planned for December 13th. - Mark your calendars now - he will need all the scouts who can help to do so. A further update will come with details on his project.

District basketball tournament - boy coached - let the Scoutmaster know

if you are interested. The dates are Friday 12/26 - 12/28.

We are working on an Old Dominion Hike in Richmond December 20th. We plan about an 8 mile hike ending at the James Center to see the lights.

Advice from the Scoutmaster: Neal Armstrong, an Eagle Scout, was the first person to walk on the moon. As you look to the stars ask yourself "How far will you go?" Reach for the Stars.